my father didn’t give me much money, he gave me two of the most useful things: one is a good education, and the other is a simple formula for obtaining wealth.

no matter what you do, you should find a sense of mission, to find a great purpose beyond the money, the only way you can be full of passion, not like the others eyes only money, the heart is the greedy possessive. You need to broaden your horizons and paint a broader picture: meet the needs of as many people as possible, as many people as possible to bring passion, efficiency, health, safety and vitality.

if you want to succeed in life, you must have great enthusiasm and passion. No matter what kind of work, to do a good job, passion is essential, the doorman, waiter or receptionist, must also be full of enthusiasm to greet every guest. And no matter what your current job is, as long as you do it with passion, miracles happen. You will meet the right person, he noted that this kind of thing, I have seen too much.

if there is no passion, life is dim and dark, and passion will make you extremely tough, never give up. In fact, if I don’t have a lot of concentration, persistence and hard work, I won’t be able to win the Jun Yue Hotel. In the whole process of the challenge, I have a great passion, to the decadent magic, the ugly things become charming. It’s a passion that keeps me going and won a lot of approval for me.

so, how to find passion? You can try the following approach. At one time, you may have to exclude all judgments and rational assessment, need to be without cabinedimagination only: what is it that you really want to do? If you could do one thing in life, what would it be? If there is one thing the fun let you immersed, and it will be. What? If there is one thing you most enjoy, even if unpaid will do, what would it be? What do you feel very satisfied with yourself? What makes you always do peak reach the peak of perfection, the ultimate? If you can become one you admire, he will who is


and then to reality. Doing what you love also means doing what you can and what you are good at. To assess their own strength, to find good things. To think of his talent at? Do what makes you most proud of? For you, what kind of behavior is the easiest and most natural? When you think of work you love, must be ambitious, determined to make amazing achievements


when you’re doing what you love, it’s no longer just work, because the act itself has become a source of motivation. Apple Corp co-founder Steven? Jobs is full of passion for computer technology, he may not be the best computer designer, but he is the most passionate computer enthusiasts, Jobs’s passion made him one of the most creative and our generation in.

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