Beijing’s Internet environment is the best, of course, the website of Beijing is also the largest, than in Shanghai, more than Shenzhen, Shanghai online games developed at best, and then can the number of famous few, not to mention the Guangzhou Shenzhen. So, I like this one, where the wind, to run there, after all, from Shanghai to Beijing, became a member of the North drift, of course I don’t love this word but also follow the general drift. Finally, I have to clap my chest and say, I’m in Beijing, I’m IT! In fact, his words, face very ashamed, really! If you drink a little wine in Zhongguancun near the stall, surrounded by the people, listen carefully, also are IT people talk too much of their companies are good and so on, which is near Microsoft, which is near Google, this is near the Sohu, at the far point is Sina, fame big here. I usually go to love you., mutual understanding, and occasionally a name card, to exchange with each other, oh, the original is not known, but the position is usually high, not what COO is CFO, but not UFO, what marketing director or director of operations we can see more, but their website to tell the truth that really is the first time I heard (I don’t think I’m an idiot, the domestic top 500 websites how can the number of some)! In any case, the company’s Web site around the world know that no less than 100 people, my business card is printed on the salesman. Of course, a lot of high wages, such as those who engage in technology, all day long climb in front of the computer, to the entire line of the whole line of code into the people, except a little boring, not to work side edge up, pay a five thousand or six thousand.  

      but, again, this is the place in Beijing is full of gold, sparkling, there is a lot of entrepreneurial impulse, the sky will fall down at any time the sacks of dollars, so we are ready! Of course, we are also in the "talent" ready to accept a higher salary, ready, go to the "big company", in fact, I said, we are the so-called IT practitioners, really as migrant workers! A few days ago in the middle of the night, walking lost, and friends drank a little wine. In fact in the neighborhood around for a long time, but did not find the door only, a lot of dengsanlun, a five, enjoy up to second days at noon, lunch from 8 down to four standard block. Three rounds of the teacher is very friendly, I asked him why he did not rest so late, he told me that the evening live more ah, one night pull twenty or thirty people, but not very tired! Simple math, this evening on the one hundred or two hundred day, and earn, on this day, at least, income is four hundred or five hundred. At least I earn more than others, a month at least five thousand or six thousand times higher than I, for one, is different, I can every day in the air-conditioned office, people have to bask in the sun, a mental one is physical labor etc……. The night has a lot of shampoo, there are roadside, dengsanlun master muttered: "mama. Old.

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