IDC network ( on 15 March 07 reports: according to the latest data show that in the first week of July (07 March 01 -07 on day 07) the national / global region of domain names in the top twenty, ranked second in the China domain names rose to 8296532, a net increase of 79682, compared with last week. Or to achieve substantial growth, the strong growth of visible China. In contrast, the winner of the U.S. domain name net minus 72239, but the total is still more than 80 million mark, the advantage is that the rest of the country is difficult to shake. Next, look at the review and analysis of the data of IDC.

  (Figure 1) global countries / regions of the total distribution map (as of 2014-07-07)

as shown in Figure 1, in the first week of July, the global / regional total domain twenty ranked as follows: the United States, Germany, Britain, China, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Spain, the Cayman Islands, Holland, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, Hongkong, India, Denmark, S.A.R., Brazil, Russia Peru. Last week, ranking no change.

IDC comments on the network noted that the gap is still, the total U.S. domain remained above 80 million, while ranking second in the Chinese is still in efforts towards the 10 million mark and a net increase of 79682, compared with last week, rose sharply, growth is very strong. In contrast, the United States, the total net minus 72239. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the total amount of Hongkong domain names, the situation is not optimistic, not only the continuation of last week’s decline, and the decline increased.

  (Figure 2) the number of domain names in each country / region ranked

by Figure 2, IDC review network learned that in the first week of July, a total of 7 countries realize net growth, and last week, but the list changes are Chinese, Japan, Spain, the Cayman Islands, South Korea, Denmark, Peru. Among them, only the net growth China amount to 5 digits, are the most obvious, the 8296532 existing domain name. The Cayman Islands rose ranked second in the top twenty, a net increase of 8582.

in addition, the negative growth in the country, a total of two drop to 5 digits, respectively, the United States and Canada: total U.S. domain reached 80887319, a net decrease of 72239; Canada total domain 3475575, a net decrease of 10376, is about two times the decline last week.

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