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I horse just interviewed said, this O2O core can be raging like a storm, the online O, and online O. The hard line often determines the barriers. Starting today, I dark horse will launch a series of observations to push the article O2O, this article is the first.

below is a public comment co-founder, senior vice president Li Jing oral:

push the situation or heartless?

in fact, as long as it is related to the service sector businesses, whether it is to provide marketing services or directly provide technical products, in theory, need to push a team. In addition, traditional industries, such as selling beer, liquor, meat, selling cashier system, background inventory management system, and (like) we do marketing, you will find that, in fact, have pushed the team.

why need to push it? The reason is very simple, the service industry is to do the long tail, a huge number of customers. Like software, dozens of customers will be able to do (account for) fifty or sixty of the performance of the company, but not in the service sector. Shanghai has tens of thousands of restaurants, one or two restaurants can not (can) account for about seventy or eighty of total sales, the principle of the catering industry in the 28 is not so appropriate. Because the number of every businesses produce performance and other industries is relatively small compared to one, to communicate, to a lot of people to do this thing, there must be large to push the team, the long tail to seize.

of course, this is also related to the overall business environment. There are very few restaurants in China to provide WiFi, not to mention the internal staff can access the Internet anytime, anywhere to do something. China is engaged in the management of the service industry, and we do have a lot of different internet. Many of them are the traditional industry, some people do foreign trade or other (business), and finally decided to open a restaurant. Overall, their IT or cognitive level of Internet is relatively low, many managers of IT especially the level of mobile Internet technology. Some fear, do not know how to operate, even affect their operations. In this case, only in the form of the United States, such as the telephone (such as) to do sales or operations, it will be very difficult. Because he did not know, so he wanted someone to teach him in front of his operation, over time he learned to be willing to accept this new thing.

in the service industry, like the marriage industry, (practitioners) on the IT technology awareness, acceptance and proficiency has been very high, the person in charge of wedding photography can be very skilled in Internet marketing. They may buy some of the product reviews, or Internet marketing. Then (wedding) this industry is in the front, but some industries to go slowly, like food or relatively partial traditional some. Different industries, the demand for land is also different. Different needs also created a different style and genre, in my opinion, the industry (push) there are three different styles:

the first use of "high pressure" team management model. > will

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