my first two articles "hospital network promotion" and "bidding practice of hospital website marketing experience" article to share with you all experience about the hospital network marketing and bidding, so today, I want to share with you a promotion method of hospitals and medical health websites that is, the promotion methods we usually say. In fact, health care, education, government, the website weight is generally higher, once the PR do go up, rarely fall down, but the page is also included, this kind of website is not the whole mass audience, and indeed, not the general concern of the people, so do promotion is trouble. Can’t think of what good method. The following are some of the methods and experience I have come up with:

1 find a place

because the hospital or health websites are generally the target user group, if you go to an entertainment website promotion I think certainly hang, so be sure to find the correlation between forum or website publicity.

2 blog group


blog, publish different articles, these articles should choose health, health, beauty and maintenance of this kind, the best with pictures, pictures of selected aspect, it is best to add your website watermark and connect, finally in the end of this paper and this paper from a certain place [also is your website], many people say that this is not necessarily useful, but few people can persist, five pieces a day, if you insist on doing a month, the effect should be very clear, the key lies in the implementation of.

3 expert blog


many places are put forward, is also very helpful, for experts, is a part of things. Most of these blog best free to answer some questions that patients, doctors will reflect the selfless, will go up in the hospital will imperceptibly improve the reputation, reputation is a very important things, reputation once established, like viral marketing, the effect is obvious.

4 offers to encourage

website to regular use of preferential policies to encourage to promote activities and planning, in fact, a lot of people are in the discount and other activities, so this thing is still needed, but must to their boss and discuss. Also want to plan the cost, after all, can not exceed the cost, otherwise it can be regarded as a failure of marketing.

5 industry forum

seek industry forum together, such as the creation of expert column, and some local portal of information industry, cooperation on the station in the local hospital’s influence is very big, try to know the effect.

6 do alliance advertising

generally see a few people may be through these ads to the hospital, but the images of advertising if you do look good, not only can get the iP, can let the hospital get more exposure, make the brand more.

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