the Internet is a big stage, it will be all over the world people are closely linked, people use micro-blog, WeChat and other blogs, social media, through the Internet to communicate, learn, share…… in this era of Internet, people can show themselves, can also sell products, as well as their own information the service, and may get consumers and customers from around the world here. However, thousands of businesses are trying to promote products and services on the internet. If you choose the wrong channel, not to allow consumers to see your product, or did not let them hear your story, then you leave the opportunity to others. How can the use of social media on the Internet to attract the interests of consumers, so that visitors become shoppers to effectively sell their products or services?

a, set goals, make plans

set goals, make plans, do a lot of action. Before the use of social media marketing, you need to find what they want to tell the brand story, and you want to promote a product in social media, or want to make social media into customer interaction and communication tools with you. And then release the information on social media, so that consumers know where you are. At the same time to pay attention to consumers in their own social media content. You should pay attention to trends and trends in social media, looking for all the traces, let yourself know why people love or need your product, and then targeted to improve their content.

want to take social media browsers into buyers, you need to understand your customers, for your customers. When your customers are having problems or difficulties, you have to publish the purpose of the content of these difficulties, to provide them with 3-5 solutions to the problem. Think of yourself as a bridge, let the customer with your help to success. Your main job is not to ignore their pain points, nor to sympathize with their pain points, but focus on helping them find a solution.

two, plans to publish content

in the Internet world, people want to communicate with the other end of the line is a living person, not a machine. Therefore, we have to publish valuable content to consumers, should not use fixed point automatic publishing software. This is not to say that this way is bad, but it is not good enough. You need to publish real-time content for specific events and interact with the audience.

interact with fans, do one of the ways of communication. Share or promote the product at the same time, do not forget to focus on users to publish content. Don’t just remember to promote your product in social media or just get new customers in social media, especially if you haven’t touched them before. You have to find the people who have ever interacted with you, they are your super fans. You have to interact with them and even reward them, their friends and family.


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