the use of "universal principle + make Wangzhuan principle" hit one hundred thousand Everfount traffic flow, there is no problem! This is a diffusion flow method, the use of properly, you will enjoy unlimited traffic! I came to play online. At the beginning of the game is to pay a foreign click advertising, is to put a link to my point, point to a penny, and then a number of stations a starting point, there are multiple income. Also supports the promotion of click on the line, a lot of 100% Commission, which only supports the first line, but also to support the multi-level downline. At the beginning of the discovery, the development of higher income offline, it is hard to promote the income of many. Later, because a lot of foreigners unstable site, I decided to find new development projects. Start site, play traffic. Site is to rely on traffic to make money, no flow on the station waiting to starve it.

After understanding the principle of

Wangzhuan, found that the use of the principle of Wangzhuan can improve the site traffic, the key is how to use it, to maximize the effectiveness of it! There is a universal money program, you must get what I can earn much money or tutorial site, you help me how much IP (a link to), so a pass ten, ten pass 100, the emergence of a geometric growth! Oh, traffic does not come. Simple, in fact, this approach needs to have a reputation and a good project to attract people to promote you. Here I come to introduce a method for I found a person, I don’t know if he knows all the people earn or Wangzhuan principle, but I found that this method is very effective. See example: some website promotion alliance, online a lot, just to pick one, I study the "fashion network promotion" this station it is a poly flow station, then through the promotion of many website owners, as well as members of the promotion, then paid to the promotion of membership fees, anlaoquchou. I have registered in, get ad code, and then put on my website, I can get someone clicks on the ad revenue, some stations also encouraged to recommend the registration, each registered 1 yuan reward, recommended withdrawal and 10% commission. The attraction is very large.

this is the attraction of this station, of course, this is a fee to promote, but the flow developed, and then make good use of the flow is a very good way to release. The analysis of this station application "all make Wangzhuan + principle", I don’t know whether he is aware of these principle, but I use the principle to analyze, very enlightening to me.

universal principle: through + make Wangzhuan and actively promote to achieve flow, once the propaganda number increase, there will be diffusion flow. For example, you are a person to promote a day 10 IP points into, the 10 IP and registered to promote the addition of the 10 members, that is, the 100, and so on and so on, this will be an unstoppable flow. So simple. To promote people to earn money, Why not?? registered members can through advertising code (these ads can be you to the promotion of the normal station, can also be cooperation of an advertiser, you not only the traffic in the league.

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