recently there are many online articles about WeChat marketing, sing Sheng, a bad mouthing, I still say that you haven’t heard not seen, does not mean that did not happen, no matter what others say, I will continue to put the bird said WeChat marketing a series of articles written.

WeChat marketing is a technology to live, not overnight, you want to see the effect of the vertical pole, or do you a variety of promotional tools. In front of the 2 article said that the entry and WeChat facade article, for want to do WeChat marketing and just getting started, it is recommended to look at the first 2 articles, at the end of the article links.

this talk about WeChat style, mainly refers to the content of the public to send WeChat style, I personally think that this is actually one of the most important part of the WeChat marketing, but also the most difficult part of a link. Content is not good, not only the marketing effect is not good, but also a good powder. Content is good, not only the marketing effect is good, will increase the viscosity of customers, but also bring new fans, so we should attach great importance to this link.

a few days ago I travel by high-speed rail, is surrounded by a young girl, constantly look at WeChat, she turned from the content point of view, most of the time to browse all kinds of public information, especially women’s reality show information, very seriously in view, but also magnify the picture. Because I was watching, she thought I was very alert to peep, mobile phone up to the sentence: what are you doing? I didn’t react, very embarrassed, very embarrassed. But fortunately, after all, I was engaged in marketing, the reaction is fairly fast, immediately said I was to open the Taobao store, you can help you to distinguish what kind of businesses and goods are good. The next thing, thousands and thousands of words…… .

if you are doing WeChat marketing, you should always be aware of the people around you are using WeChat, look at what kind of content, what kind of content they are interested in what kind of content?

A buddy

yesterday and I went on a business trip is to do the women’s shoes, said something very classic also let me Speechless words: I used to see a woman is to look at the chest first, now is the first to see what they wear shoes. All right, you win. If you do WeChat marketing, if there is such a spirit of my buddies, I do not believe it can not do.

according to my recent period of some WeChat public number to send information and content observation, personal summary of the following types. Because of the limitations of personal ability and knowledge, the following types and instructions for reference only, please add.

, promotional activities

is suitable for purchasing commodities, goods, daily necessities, male goods fast selling goods, standardized goods, because of the scarcity or necessity, so without too much skill, direct marketing, may be even better, but also pay attention to off powder, adjust the content and frequency of sending. If your shop often engage in promotions, so that information is a waste of information for customers, effect >

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