a lot of the medical profession value Post Bar Marketing, because they think it is a good place to stick, but there are some friends think it is not good to run the post bar, will bring a lot of the opposite effect. Today, Qingdao SEO take Baidu post bar, to introduce the medical industry to do the shortcomings and advantages of post marketing, hoping to help you.

first we know what is the Baidu post bar, Baidu post bar is interested in the theme of polymerization like-minded people interactive platform. I believe friends often visit Post Bar, see some beautiful pictures in the class of Post Bar, and there are a lot of patients by Post Bar to vent their displeasure. So, Post Bar marketing is a piece of land, how to do that, we need to pay attention to things.

medical industry to do the shortcomings of post marketing

1, false ingredients too high. We just find a Post Bar in, such as psoriasis, a lot of people know that this disease is not good treatment, especially the advertisement in this place, will let the real patients result in large errors to your hospital, you will feel the hospital is advertising, and especially a good reputation of the hospital not what, not easy to do Post Bar marketing effect is very poor.

2, interactive strong, bad control developments. As we said earlier, Baidu Post Bar is a relatively strong interaction place, there will be a lot of friends to visit this place, then, for example, you have a hospital post, especially in the related Post Bar, will make some friends love this Post Bar are very disgusting.

medical industry to do the advantages of post marketing

1, included good. A lot of friends do care about the special value of the inclusion of the situation, especially the effect of the periphery at the same time optimistic about this point. Baidu Post Bar collection is very good, also ranked in the home page, so, this to the medical profession, which is one of the focus in compliance with Baidu rules under the maximum use Post Bar for us to accurately lock users, so that we promote steady progress.

2, strong marketing. I said, visitors to Baidu Post Bar is very big, is that this platform is a lot of attention, if you operate properly, can be your own hospital good speculation, but the key is to see how you are going to do, how to go to the hospital’s marketing significance to most incisive display.

3, word of mouth effect is good. Many hospitals are concerned about is the word of mouth marketing, indeed, for a hospital in terms of words, do not have a good reputation, is very poor for everyone’s point of view, especially what is the effect of word of mouth? So, Baidu will Post Bar is the birthplace of good reputation of the medical profession.

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