first look at some of the domain name on the following 2: (master a conservative estimate, guest website monthly income is more than 5000. It should be said that is the master site in amoy.


first pair: and, the two domain name registrant, after WHOIS are Peng Yuntao (Peng Yuntao).

second pairs: and, the registrant of the domain name of the, after WHOIS are all Luo Xiang (Xiang Luo).

what is the relationship between these two domains,


the first pair, are registered with the same domain name, is a return to the kind of Taobao guest program, is a use of specific procedures for the production of Taobao guest program.

second, and, although Taobao is also a guest program, but through the left and right antithetical couplet, we can still see the master mainly in the use of software "Taobao shopping V10.1 good helper" or "Taobao hot commodity query recommendation" in their guest links, in order to obtain a commission. Because the production process is relatively early, access to a large number of low-end Taobao shopping groups, get a good promotion effect. This model is a model of innovation in Amoy promotion.


is the brightest guest, master is gexianshentong. Second of the domain name of the owner, probably has a wealth of desktop software production and promotion of experience, so in this field with the success of Taobao customers, it is a master of the master. This model can imitate later, is irreplaceable, the influence has been formed, but also can hold a candle.

we are looking at the first domain name SEO comprehensive query information:, the PR value is 0, the last time Baidu included 2010-4-3, the amount collected, Baidu 1780, Google 370. Reverse link is relatively small, only 8 Baidu, Google only 3., the PR value is 0, the last time Baidu included 2010-6-3, the amount collected, Baidu 203 thousand, Google 118. Reverse link, Baidu is 12 thousand and 300, Google is the 2.

can be seen from the above information, is one of the webmaster’s auxiliary site, and is its main site, through the, we can get more valuable information. More fresh content, waiting for you to dig, according to experience, we can share the message. May you and I together. Welcome to reprint, please indicate. >

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