since I started writing this series, the emblem of the sword found a problem, many people have a misunderstanding, often take the business personal website of the idea is to do business website, then this is a difference to talk about business and personal web sites:

      we pay attention to it, it will be found that, for now, the real big site is the vast majority of commercial sites, the vast majority of personal websites have not really become a commercial site. Why? Some people say that personal website can not do without money. In fact, Jian Jian think, the root is not here. It is that they are not the same.

      let’s look at an example that reflects the business ideas:

      personal website in 50000 when ALEXA do, consider more is how to flow to do more, such as 10000, and then to earn what advertising revenue. In order to earn more money. (including of course may get investment or acquisition, but the personal focus still want to how to earn advertising fees)

      commercial websites in 50000 ALEXA do, consider more is how to deal with the business model, while doing in Datong, and attract the attention of investors, the introduction of funds to the site to be listed, let the site more profitable, and the goal of maximizing return on investment.

      notice that there are two in operation ideas and operation objectives of the two different. The following specific analysis

      Hui Jian believes that there are so many differences between commercial website and personal website

      first, the personal site is usually an individual is based on the ideal and satisfaction as the starting point, is entirely personal interest management. May be built today, tomorrow to build 10, the day after tomorrow and turn off all. The commercial website is in accordance with the intent of investors, to follow the laws of the Internet business to operate the project, there is a strict control of investment norms, all operations follow the business rules to operate.

      second, commercial websites are basically into a larger, usually founder outside investors to join, the operator must bear responsibility for the investment of commercial investors. Personal web sites usually invest less, so it is not as large as the economic risks of commercial sites. And usually multiple roles, responsibility, no business contract risk.

      third, personal website is usually simple website, single function. The commercial site is usually a complex site, more functions. Commercial sites must assume more operational risk. >

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