had a stable and comfortable job, which made the family and friends envy. Each month with a million yuan of salary, every day is to take a look at the scene, and then returned to the office of Internet, occasionally write a document, write a meeting minutes, every day and my wife, we’re in a unit, life can also be.

such a life in other people’s view is very good, but also directly under the central enterprises, at the end of the dividend is good. But my heart is not willing to mediocrity, but I do not want to continue to work in such an environment, the specific reasons for later I think about what it is

1, a large central enterprises interpersonal relationship is too complicated, not a decent lap, you may be in this life to retirement is a small clerk, every day with the death of wages, have every day on the job and stay there, not very free

2, he is still young, less than the age of 30, and sometimes feel like this work seems to let me see my day of the year, are the days of the fold, there is not much fighting power

3, more and more children need to go to school, but our unit is relatively remote, the children go to school is not very convenient

may also be more than three points, I think the resignation is not done, at that time the wife is doing micro business, she is obsessed with doing this, so she is more in favor of my choice. In this case we quit, many of my friends are very surprised, the second day I drove home. Resignation is very simple!

back to our small town, not knowing what to do, because we are engaged in the rural town of Taobao, and vigorously support the business enterprise. When I was in college, had been in the studio, on the website, network design, and graphic design, web design aspects have to understand, then want to do so and the rural electricity supplier of Taobao, then I’ll take my skills to build up, then discuss with friends, they invest in the network company, we I hope we can cause the name of the company network float upon the clouds, so called Qingyun: network science and technology limited company.

company registered under the two later encountered problems in our small town to find a understand network talent is really difficult, no way, I personally surgeon, made a few sites, then a few people, these people on the network is really do not understand, this is for the following the work laid the cause of pain. Every day I need to worry about directing you to do this, do what the fuck broken heart, but also do not good.

wife back to find a job, more than 2 thousand a month, not enough to live, the company basically no profit, so every night in bed basically can’t sleep, one day the wife said to me, your husband, how white hair, look in the mirror to see the truth, my heart where there is a more than 10 white hair. Wife distressed me, out of the dowry money, set up a shop, because she was agent Albert dream underwear, they just have thousands of city shops plan, he opened a underwear experience.

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