all the time, some of the so-called normal station to hear a do is dumpster, emit an extremely contempt, as such as man, waste! Affirm that, garbage station here, not including the Trojan horse website, for all things, hate, small nuisance trouble, big disaster.

              pull so much, let the webmaster do stand, for what? After all, for one thing: money! Do not say that I am vulgar, the fact itself is the case, can not make money, there are a few people will insist on doing the station? Ma Yun said, a short passion is not valuable, only a lasting passion is to make money! So what can be done to maintain the so-called passion? Can’t you make a lasting profit?

              do stand to make money, rely on? By flow! With traffic, whether you do Google Adsense or CPC, CPA or other advertising, there will be a satisfactory income. To flow to seize the hearts of Internet users, so that they visit your site, we have a variety of people, it is bound to the content of the site must be full, so gave birth to a so-called technology – collection. Tens of thousands of people can not rely on a manual input, it is impossible to ask people to help you update, not to mention the original. Therefore, a large number of so-called garbage station on the.

              another kind of method: SEO for SEO, as you may know, but really good rarely, in fact, we do not have to be too mysterious, specially designed can do a few SEO article can grasp about (stone Forum: is a good learning place, there are a lot of master ^_^) I said only preliminary SEO technology, but also bring the objective flow. (later I will write some SEO optimization experience, I hope you support)

              the content of the station is good, and the optimization is almost the same. Promotion is not complicated, remember to have to consult the promotion of the big brother of the trick, he said, each promotion method is through a lot of webmaster practice, just see if you can insist on doing it. Admin5 hair soft, QQ in the mass, the forum do AD and so on, we can pay attention to the webmaster stand article. There is also a very good choice to join the flow Alliance

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