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Analysys International) China Internet users "Internet Use Behavior Research Report 2009" the study found that Internet users search for the highest degree of love is love and love is Baidu, comparison of the proportion of the 90%, do not love the proportion of users is less than 10%; compared to Google, and general users love love accounted for 60%, 20% is the expression of love, far less than 60% of Baidu, Google does not express love has 20% users. For other search engines, the user’s expression is more vague, mostly in general like to express.


news site users are more inclined to Tencent, the Internet users are most likely to choose the news website, 58.9% of users choose Tencent, followed by Sina, NetEase and Sohu. to 13.4% of the selection rate of the top fifth news sites to choose.

other news websites, Internet users choice rate is low, but has long tail phenomenon obviously, although the choice of fewer users, but there are always people to choose, in other news sites have been referred to the user, there are some local or industry news sites, such as, such as the financial sector. They have also become part of the user common news website.


research definition

Internet users: Internet cafes as the main site of Internet users, that is, when the Internet access in the Internet bar is longer than other places of Internet users.

research methods

this survey through online user research completed. For the recovery of data through the SPSS data analysis and processing, and on the basis of this report, the total of 8428 a recycling questionnaire, and after excluding incomplete questionnaires, strict logic, weighted ratio processing, eventually obtaining effective questionnaire 2966 copies. The effective recovery rate was 35.2%. Invalid questionnaire, including 1255 copies of the Internet cafes because of the temporary non internet users, and halfway to give up unfinished or logical conflicts and other issues questionnaire, screening ratio of 14.9%, the unqualified questionnaire, 49.9%.

is the specific method of questionnaire design in Analysys website, and through the Internet in the field of software partners, extended to the 8 million stations above Internet terminals, the proportion of the sample are listed in the following table. Users take the initiative to participate in the form of questionnaires to obtain information.

research time: December 8, 2008 –

in December 14, 2008

for 2008 Internet market users more relevant content, please refer to Analysys International (Analysys International) a research report entitled "2009" or contact Analysys International Usage Behavior of Internet users to the Internet (A> Chinese

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