March 15th, the "First Financial Daily" reported that the P2P platform of Shanghai Gong letter Asset Management Co (hereinafter referred to as "Gong Xin asset") run away incident, the incident is under further fermentation in today.

Our correspondent

linked to investors and asset internal staff said Christine, in March 11th were reported, at present, the police investigation, and said it would further search for relevant information about the event. As of press time, the reporter has not yet received the latest developments from the police.


reporter in-depth investigation learned that the relationship between asset managers and the actual compliment letter of legal representative of husband and wife, and the legal representative of the company at the same time as the subsidiary of Shanghai investment Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yu Yu investment information management) the person in charge of finance.

relatives and friends as the main victims

contact this reporter to compliment letter asset management end a department manager said that in March 10th the company pay day, but the salary is not scheduled arrival, in March 11th, the boss of the company were lost, the manager of the Department immediately let all salesman inform customers of this company, parallel and all investors to the police report.

"our company should be closed down, (boss) on foot." The Department Manager on the first financial daily said, in addition to the company’s main person in charge and legal representative, the other employees are not informed, but also said that most of the platform staff have relatives and friends of the investment on the platform. "We are also victims, not only the funds are damaged, but now we are unemployed." The department manager said that he led the Department responsible for the work of more than a dozen investors, involving a total of about 1000000 funds.


reporter obtained from an investor at the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau case (thing) a single receipt report "shows that the assets at the end of November 2014 to compliment letter during March 10, 2015, in Shanghai City, Huangpu District Beijing East Road No. 688 East Building 29 floor, foreign sales of financial products, take the signing of" personal loan consulting and service agreement "with customers by the way, the company to borrow money to customers, a period of three months to one year, the interest for the 7.8% to 13% range, according to incomplete statistics, the existing customers of 106 people, involving more than 800 yuan, far from 11 PM to 4 pm, has not contact the boss and his wife, Huang Hongyu, the legal representative Liu Liping.

a customer to prepare the police record information, including name, telephone, investors investors investment amount, investment repayment date, the date, the repayment amount (with interest), contact the clerk’s name and telephone salesman, identity card, contract, credit list, receipt, payment documents and other relevant documents. Copy, why signing a number of contents.

in a respectful letter a total investment of 25 yuan of assets investor Li Xin (a pseudonym) told the "First Financial Daily" reporter, 250 thousand yuan split into four investment fund 50 thousand and 100 thousand amounts, the investment period was 3>

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