"Fifth generation management", the author Charles · M· Savage said a witticism: suspicion and distrust is the source of real cost.

when we emphasize the management of love often quote: "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan. But we have ignored such a fact, if the initiative has not been fully mobilized, the rules more, management cost is high, so we think that a rule of enterprise management at least is respect for others.

let management affinity to the people, let the managers and employees of the psychological distance between managers and staff to each other in the free exchange of mutual inspiration, passion and trust, this concept is to reach a consensus on outstanding entrepreneurs and the heart. A columnist to visit Intel, see when Intel CEO Grove cubicle and employees between the grid size, very bitterly accused Grove of this practice is false, but Grove answered and said, he is the reason for this is not to let the power amplification, caused by psychological pressure to the staff, in order to communicate better with employees. read more

in the ADWORDS inside, there are two ways to display, one is the content display, a search display.

we are often in a number of sites, see the GOOGLE ad inside the ad, which is the content of the show, is automatically match the content of the site, to display the ad is the content display.

we search some key words, often appear on the right side of the GOOGLE ads, such as our search glasses, glasses may be out of the relevant advertising.

so how should we choose these two types of advertising, or do we have to do it? read more

The starting time of

contact Wangzhuan is 2007, a colleague is engage in Wangzhuan search by foreign Master, make a pot of gold, it is said that he was a month can reach around $1000. He introduced me to understand the next mail click, so in 2-3 months of foreign mail click, a donkey standing very famous at that time, I had to manually, and then find a software to the point, the end result there are a few dollars? Don’t clear. But because there is no PP also confiscated. By mail Click to search later like this one, but colleagues said that the search is the decline of the industry, and then do the search page trouble, under such circumstances, the Wangzhuan project ended. Let me begin to recognize the mail click Wangzhuan, this new industry. read more

original title: entrepreneur exclusive dialogue: I do not care Tencent, Sohu and other news portal client

when you read this article, today’s headlines APP, also is Beijing bytes Beating Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "byte beating"), has completed the lead investor Sequoia $100 million C round of financing, micro-blog also participate with the cast. Zhang Yiming’s byte jitter valuation of up to $500 million.

APP more and more valuable in early 2014, Android Application Search (now extended to mobile content search) APP pea pods B round of financing $120 million. Further, Baidu nearly $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 radio. Also, close to the myth, Facebook announced $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp. read more

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2. through the audit partner, landing in the background, you can get a variety of business product code, query Commission, modify passwords and other operations.
3. partners select the corresponding advertising code to launch a significant position on its website.
4. mobile phone users in the use of partners on the page of the service, billing system will be recorded in the background through ID, partners can get a high percentage of commission.
5. group, credit card and other cheating once found, immediately closed account. read more

exchange chain known as a IP return into two IP in your station on the exchange chain alliance code visitors click to enter is a contribution, is an integral, join the other website exchange alliance is clicked, will have a chance to enter your web site, that there will be a transfer page. Is this IP page transfer calculation should jump to any member website, IP page Jump transfer integral calculation, one plus one, minus one or a return to zero bit (each have different preferences, the alliance) can make site visits increased. read more

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

single ring (www.singelringen.cn) from the beginning of April 2005 sales in Sweden and in the Scandinavia Peninsula (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the general term) has achieved some popularity. Then it was gradually spread to Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is " Nikkei Marketing Journal" selected as the 2005 product concern and set off a boom in Japan in 2006.

promotion advantage:

1, a wide range of user groups, with the theme of life shopping, especially for shopping, dating, life site. read more


Ma Huateng recently said, "the Internet will eventually be like steam engine, electric power and other industrial products of the same age, can be used as a tool for all industries." In fact, he said, Tencent is like a power plant, WeChat and QQ can become a tool to connect everything. Tencent is trying to open the power of the ecological landscape will be landing.

why Ma Huateng so low in the know almost on, and this is the little brother, the most popular topic, the answer is 90. But the best answer is not here, but from Vanke President Yu Liang, he is an engineering man well, the speech is very peaceful. The real strength of the people can not sound." read more

A middle-aged man: no matter windy afternoon, whether the weekend or holidays, where more people, where there is his bike

if there is exchange of my QQ 470666 figure King talk about the promotion, operation

Xuzhou dating web in his various traditional mode of promotion, at the sidelines, in all sob, he walked 1 and a half yearsThe cheapest

the pay, which is a lot of new experiences, we do the professional website reference and reference

I also do the occupation sensitive so I really want to get to know the webmaster

with several local webmaster talked about him, talk about the above story.

decided to invest in the network, after buying the server program, also There is not much left. In order to flow, he had to be ridiculed by a lot of people

step by step. In a year’s time. His website has grown rapidly to more than 30 thousand users, online per day for 4000 people.

nature as an area of professional marriage website, such results can be proud of.

McCain promoted the old Chu some words I feel a lot: the promotion can not consider the face, no traffic, does not make people

read more

(according to: 2003 today, we read the article of the year before last, may feel that there are some errors, but some of the articles mentioned in the article, has not yet been well resolved, it is worth thinking about In the current and future period, the success of B2C e-commerce model will be very difficult thing. Of course, the success of this does not mean that a site’s profit, it does not mean that a number of sites of profitability, but refers to the B2C e-commerce retail formats can occupy a certain market share in the entire retail industry. B2C online shopping how to cross the dead cycle? This is the industry’s imminent problem.    

The development of

read more