First of all, I would like to declare

, grassroots webmaster do not imagine the huge income on the list. To give a very simple example, you look at the major web site to see the Taobao crown shop advertising will know the powerful. As far as I know, the 2345 site of the simple inside the page advertising if the monthly 3000. There are other stations in Taobao customers. Those we can not reach these grassroots, there is no money to earn the conversion rate between investment and return.

, I’ll talk about what I did. read more

Victor Balasa, a young man from Romania, is only 22 years old, but has been a successful entrepreneur. Create a website, negotiate customers, access to the user, in the process he only invested 500 euros, and ultimately to the successful sale of the site of Euro 50000. To see how he started the business, whether his entrepreneurial experience you also apply?

below Victor Balasa Bowen:

first of all, I don’t think anyone would ever want to ask for advice from people who have no experience. I think I have been familiar with the basic process of business operations, especially for online business. Since I was 20 years old, I was already in the online retail business. Recently, I created a website, there is no early strike partner, 9 months after I successfully sold for 50000 euros. Now, I’m 23 years old, and when I was about to try to innovate at the age of 16. read more

November 28, 2013, foreign car rental application Uber in Shenzhen, China began to test, which is the second in August this year after entering Shanghai, Uber in the second layout. As a start-up company was founded in 2009, Uber has now left footprints in 22 countries around the world, and in the expansion of the road frequently. Uber products on the road to the process of global expansion of the following:

was founded in the early days, with San Francisco as the basis for domestic radiation

2009-2011 was founded in the early years, Uber is not positioning itself as a high-end car rental application, but with UberCab as the company name for the integration of idle resources taxi, car rental services to consumers. Until May 2011, Uber was not related to the United States Department of transportation taxi company license in the name of a $20000 fine, only the company name officially changed from UberCab to Uber, and focus on high-end car market. Although "eat the lawsuit", but Uber at headquarters in San Francisco based small scale expansion is not affected, Seattle, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Denver and other twenty city in the United States have Uber’s car in the active. read more

dear alliance members, Hello everyone!

thank you for union members to our work support, and hereby fashion and PR alliance jointly launched the hierarchical incentive plan.

as the saying goes, women’s business is best to do, we sell cosmetics, covering the most complete cosmetics brands, categories, products are updated every day.

as the saying goes, online shopping is cheap, we – the most flat channels, Hongkong, Taiwan direct purchase, product quality is guaranteed, fake a penalty of ten. read more

Internet era, entrepreneurship can better reflect the value of a person. So the following are fifteen Internet entrepreneurs view of the world, there is always a suitable for you.

first, venture capital. If you only rely on their own businesses, generally do very hard, so many entrepreneurs are looking for venture capital. But most people still believe that the best online is the premise to do their own thing to pull the wind cast, when your performance, product flow, get attention will be relatively easy to pull investment. read more

webmaster Wangzhuan is this idea: the first step, do. The second step, engage in traffic. The third step, looking for advertising. This Wangzhuan ideas, let many webmaster Wangzhuan go very hard, very tired, very confused, and the success rate is relatively low, even less able to earn money, the process is very long. And the income is not high.

if you want to make it easier to earn online advertising fees, but also profiteering. So look below:

First you must be

SEO, SEO technology is not in the scope of this article, this article is mainly about the classic Wangzhuan how to find small areas of market profits. read more

      advertising alliance is one of the major sources of money for small and medium-sized websites! I share some of my personal experiences with the alliance and we discuss it together!

      first talk about advertising alliance.

      the current domestic advertising alliance is very much, a variety of payment methods, such as CPA, CPM, CPC have. Prices are not the same, whether the webmaster alliance is very important, because if not, you will be white to work, then we have to talk about how to choose advertising alliance, the following principles must abide by: read more

, I believe many people would say: online business is too difficult, their hard work one year did not earn a few cents. But there are some people in the network earn awfully, in my personal experience about the new online business is difficult to what place.

if the online business is really no threshold, whether you are rich or poor, will be able to participate in the Internet business to you only need a room, two computer, a router, a ADSL broadband, tables and chairs, so you can start your Internet business. How simple, if you find it hard to please you not to participate in the Internet in the Internet! Whether you have a website or a few post will have the opportunity to earn you unexpected money. There are benefits that do not have relationships, do not look at the leadership face. Turn on the computer can earn a lot of votes. So if you go to the great destruction of the world, where do you spend your money? read more

network is referred to as Wangzhuan money but for the general public, Wangzhuan only refers to those who click Wangzhuan, comments for the novice like Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, investigation.

then some owners will be set to start when the site Wangzhuan theme, it is a scene of personal contact Wangzhuan for nearly a year, to build their own Wangzhuan station also has more than January, here and share with you the webmaster Wangzhuan money doorways.

1 off the assembly line to make money

is the most popular Wangzhuan click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan click on a monthly income of over a million There are plenty of people who, click Wangzhuan is the biggest characteristic of the group is to earn, we earn, each recommend a website offline, will reward you for the recommended referral 10%-50% income, but these are generally English foreign Wangzhuan station. Whether operation or payment is a little trouble! read more

on Google AdSense in Baidu space that has already been done, but now there are still a lot of people on the Internet to ask this question, okay, I will own experience SHOW, for your reference: to solve the problem, we must first know the root of the problem where the problem is now? Baidu space, shielded the HTML element is not safe, including script this one element, unfortunately, Google AdSense, Ali MM and other mainstream advertising code, using script elements, in other words, when you publish an article to Baidu space, if the article contains script, then. The element (and its contents) will not be a normal operation, in essence, they are converted into Baidu text statement, not executable HTML elements. read more

this article comes from where the founder of the network, CEO Zhuang Li in the "business review" (2013 10) on the oral article:

the first step square market size

entrepreneurs before entering the market, first of all need to make a preliminary estimate of the size of the market. The theory of a Internet Co if you want to succeed, the market size will reach at least 50 billion yuan or more, but the Internet Co is unlikely to become the industry’s 100% owners, even if there are 20% very successful, which can expand the market in 10 billion yuan. read more

The failure history of

17 Chinese startups


billion net

many people still remember the 2000 Beijing streets of the little Yitang billboard, "follow YAHOO ad that today if you really let Yitang" Yitang scenery for a long time. Want to do one for China billion young people cover and contain everything Internet portal. They define the Chinese young people as "Ming Huang generation".

failure lessons: lack of positioning, financing too much

1999, on the eve of the first Internet bubble burst, just won the Harvard Business School MBA Tang Haisong created billion company, the "dream team" consisting of 5 MBA and two MBA of University of Chicago harvard. read more

activity content:

) 2200 University National Book VIP &

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230 thousand college teaching materials, 490 thousand kinds of books 2-8 fold


more than 2200 colleges and universities in the country to enjoy the whole network of teachers and students to enjoy the lowest "campus special price"!

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first published thanks to the article "an ordinary railway workers find Taobao shop in after I take the initiative to contact with me, let me know more friends, today I still write about my experience, hope for the novice Wangzhuan some inspiration.

last time, I talked about the establishment of the Taobao store in 2006, and achieved certain results. However, because of the increasing competitiveness of Taobao. Around 2007, according to my observation (although there is no authority), every day in the new Taobao store, there are more than 200 shops on women’s clothing. There are many who have a certain strength of the seller. So for those of us part-time sellers, have a great impact on, to introduce mass, send a single account of the restrictions from the previous limit to 30 (new registered account), so we did not go to the capital of what these publicity to sell it is difficult to rely on this kind of software to advertise. read more

first, Swagbucks search to make money

Swagbucks B (referred to as S& fortunately the middle of a hyphen), the search method, with Baidu Google as simple, as long as the search keyword is English or numbers, can random access points, 45 points can be redeemed $5 Amazon vouchers (and of course Swagbucks timely payment (payment within 2 days), of course you can also exchange other things. Some faster than in PTC easier to click on ads. To Chinese the payment for a $5 Amazon electronic coupons, can find those who receive special securities exchange, the price is generally 6 to 1, $5 is 30 yuan, it is convenient to install the search bar, and then each search English, will have a chance of winning, 1buck, at least up to 20bucks. You can search many times every day. In 45, you can apply for $5 Amazon gift certificates exchange. read more

Read an article about the small and medium-sized site could get more benefits from the "advertising" article

a few days ago, many netizens commented, "credibility" is a condition of main site selection advertising value. I think so, too. Do things and people are the same, how to pay attention to the advertising alliance to achieve long-term development, and the owners to achieve a win-win is the credibility of these two words.

advertising alliance by advertisers and website owners like, its advantage is low cost, precision marketing, can be a large number of small and medium sites, the industry to put advertising. Wider audience, more targeted. And advertisers and web site owners more flexible way of cooperation. Procedures and other advertising model is relatively simple. These small sites can also be positioned according to their own website through the alliance. Hang some advertisers ads, the site traffic into benefits. read more

The brothers do not misuse cut power, while duhugu while making money.

today accidentally discovered this duhugu blog through the search for the words "network business", view the antecedents, find the key words in Baidu naturally ranked fifth, and several do for promotion. It seems that the word also has a certain value, my blog is not a large amount of access, so it will not add advertising. However:

      the station recently opened a two level domain name: network methodology, mainly about some skills and methods of using the Internet to earn some money, for fear of being the master who criticized, so only to a link, so if a friend who is interested in the topic. Can walk past. read more

editor’s note: 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs Conference ( will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, technology media network, TechWeb and spray the Organizing Committee jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.

small loving founder Huang Yutao (TechWeb pictures)

Tao Chi Qi Yanan (special) joint report


and Facebook than hope connects the world social network, perhaps a little loving "the world’s smallest social product, because it is designed for the two individual design products. read more

Note: This article is for no more energy, no more means of personal webmaster.

recently, looking at a web site are fire up, so also want to plan some sites. Do not to entertain, but in order to make a profit. So what kind of website can be in the shortest possible time to produce benefits is considered a central issue.

first, the industry website

in a certain industry has a certain advantage in the resources of the people, as the industry’s industry website is a very good choice. Although the number of users of such sites can not be compared with large and full web site, but their users are effective customers. I remember there is a "28 theory", with this theory, the industry website user is invalid users, and the 80% is a valid user, rather than the industry site is just the opposite of. read more