many friends think Wangzhuan industry is actually a simple industry, does not need much advanced technology. In fact, I think the most difficult thing is the highest industry Wangzhuan industry, because of the higher need to learn things too much. For example, to learn HTML language, learn to do, learn to look at the code, even to promote marketing and so on; and this is just the most basic technical work, must have no industry than this complex. A new Wangzhuan is easy, but you want to become a master Wangzhuan that can have bit of difficulty. Then the eight ability of a master Wangzhuan have, do you know? Do you have? Let’s ambition for everyone to analyze eight basic ability in Wangzhuan industry. read more

network with the reality, to see who the flicker of high skill, who can earn money, according to my contact network to make money a few years time, three people mentioned below is the most I know can flicker, this is purely personal point of view.

first is Wang Tong.

training course "SEO"

do not mention him now do SEO training classes, it is understood that the network is a flicker novice. I have some training courses outside he behavior to prove why he fooled everyone? Some soft Wen took him to write! Because he is dedicated to do SEO, so many aspects of SEO soft, do not know you read Wang Tong’s text: "there is no such feeling of truth who will say, to the real thing." For example: to learn SEO to think of the simple point of SEO, SEO need to adhere to, learn SEO to sum up, to practice, Wang Tong’s article is basically conceptual, more of the nature of the article AD. The trick is to fool you into his training class. Enter after the training and then talk you the novice, took out a prepared materials such as: the influence for the ranking of several factors and is not conducive to several ranking factors and so on. Free to send a market price of 1200 yuan e-books, and now many SEO believe that the Bible is optimized. Many are AD books, read more

Lv Meiren Dang and a men’s clothing store in the Taobao business, after a period of time, yesterday I was on the QQ with Lu to discuss time and cost issues, I weaklyweakly said: "although I feel free to have shop, but had to return to the people stuck to it, the light time cost can not be calculated," Lu view overwhelming off the reel of paper are as follows:

"if it is the store and shop, time cost is the same, need to invest a lot of time; sourcing and selection is the same. The difference is the particularity of marketing and shop. The particularity of the shop I personally think that things are not very complex operation, after a period of time, the difference can be ignored. But began to think that the cost of the shop will be much cheaper, and now it seems that there must be some prerequisites: read more

earlier I and a few friends in and pat online to do a survey, the survey found: 70% of the network is still in the period of confusion, or a period of wandering. The result of the survey of a number of network operators there, want to make money on the Internet, not the pursuit of profit maximization and cost minimization, are blindly follow the trend to do some hot hot field, do not know what time can really make money.

this year I went to Beijing for 08 years on the edge of stationmaster Congress, a friend said: in fact, let me deep and experience in China want to rely on the Internet to feed yourself too easy, but we have to concentrate on the station, so really rely on the Internet to feed their few. The China network generally also such a strange phenomenon, I imitate the friend’s words can be summarized: in fact China want to rely on the Internet to feed yourself too easy, but we have time to do agents, so really rely on the Internet to feed their few. read more

Abstract the fall, after IPO, has not been attacked, but founder and CEO Chen Ou has become a target for all. In the early years of a business process in Singapore, is portrayed as the two version, "black" and "holding", a time Public opinions are divergent.

we will show the following two different Chen ou, who understand the taste of the letter is true.

we will show the following two different Chen ou, who understand the taste of the letter is true. I speak for myself the truth read more

distinguished Webmaster:

since November 25th, due to the telecommunications room IP fault, we are not allowed to enable Netcom IP, but some areas shielded the Netcom IP segment, leading to a certain degree of decline in the data of the webmaster. Telecom IP has now been replaced.

in view of this situation, I decided to: exempt seventy-fourth (November 16th -11 on 30) advertising expenses of all taxes and remittance fees, to make up for the loss of the webmaster.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

madman! With IP less than 500 of the station earned $100 thousand a year!

(real webmaster story)

first of all, it’s a real story. The story will be divided into two parts and we say, because in more than a year I almost made nearly $300 thousand from the internet. The first part, I give you talk about IP less than 500 of the station a year is how to earn 100 thousand yuan! Perhaps most people do not believe how can one day IP not even 500 of the site a year earn 100 thousand yuan (net income). I can say that most of the IP1 million, or even 50 thousand IP may not be able to do my income. So how do I do that? read more

as the saying goes: everything is difficult at the beginning. Entrepreneurship is the hardest of all, and entrepreneurship is difficult, IT entrepreneurship is more difficult. Faced with the huge food chain IT market, there are a lot of difficulties and difficulties. Business is very good, but the business must be rebuffed. In the face of the wall in the process of IT, entrepreneurs should actively adjust their mentality. So where do you put yourself?

in the difficult journey IT entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs should keep the heart wide, as the saying goes, the width of the heart is a blessing, but on the road to entrepreneurship, the heart is not just a blessing, but also a force. An invisible, but it can help you succeed in the strength of the following companies to help push network to share some experience and views. read more

why do we need to free the first video ad!!

this week I found my first video revenue is getting less and less. And the site of the PV is also reduced to the first video found the following notice!

free advertising on the League

Webmaster: from April 6th onwards, SONY midnight forum Intel core 2 of the three ads for free advertising, no billing!

specific ad free end time will be notified to you!

all advertising data to the union background prevail!

release time: 2007-04-09

imagine. Why do we play these ads for their free. If the advertising did not pay. The first video advertising. These should be the end of the first video but did not do so. But with a free way. So we webmaster PV more useless. Advertising revenue a day less than a day but, first, the video is received two side money. Earned the two. Don’t know the webmaster how to think.. we should appeal to the first stop of this free video advertising itself… The first video advertising page we have certain effect… So we also want to help them free advertising.. well.. justice save read more

We collect these easy to implement techniques designed to help you maximize the potential for AdSense to increase revenue.

1 in the apparent position of display advertising.

placing ads to clear position (web page without scrolling, you can see the part) is more convenient for visitors to see ads, so as to improve the click opportunity.

2 to try different advertising format.

page style is different, so you should try to use different advertising format and page layout to match different. We offer a large number of ad formats for AdSense publishers to choose from – you can view each format in our ad format page. read more

Q: what is the starting point for the fiction League?

answer: the starting point of the novel alliance system, is relying on the country’s largest original novel website starting point of the brand appeal of the novel network, with an open platform for cooperation between the majority of the site. Join the starting point of the new alliance, the site can not only significantly enhance their website traffic and ALEXA rankings, but also through the most simple form of their own traffic into cash income! read more

Taobao Taobao launched a customer, can be described as popular, this is nothing more than two reasons, one is the credit side, we all know the lack of credit on the network, but Taobao credit is relatively strong. The two is the Taobao customers only need you to promote, wait for the money, you don’t need to sell their own.

so how to use Taobao to make money, like some friends that way a lot, but few are practical. In fact, Taobao is not a worry off work, also requires a certain skill, hand eye and brain, are indispensable. Based on the past to do the experience of Taobao customers, I put Taobao promotion is divided into two ways. If each is summed up in two words, one is quantity, the other is quality. The number is made propaganda, but also don’t go to the forums, you can find a free space, then buy a domain name, for each free space with a two level domain name, domain name included grade two is good. Then find a CMS guest program, can be collected, best can automatic pseudo original, it is easy to include. Then hang up your PID, wait for the money. Here is not a number two, but one thousand or more, you can think of. Each space brings you 10 IP every day, the one thousand station is the flow of ten thousand. So how much revenue a day? Of course, there are some skills, such as what keywords, the best one with each station keywords. There is not in a free space service provider, or you are waiting to be sealed, the benefits of doing so are we all know free space is not very stable, Zhibuding day off, so decentralized investment concentrated net, with investment in the stock market a reason, do not hang in the same rope. read more

to tell you the truth three years ago, I really do not know Wangzhuan this road, when he was still in college, know the part-time money way distribute leaflets or go to KTV, when the waiter waitress, less money is not that also delayed his spare time. Later, in a chance to know Wangzhuan in this industry, the free time, but also a lot of money, was on the heart, and had a careful analysis of the situation of the industry, what did not feel wrong, do not lie, then in the summer to start his own Wangzhuan industry, has been developed to today, Wangzhuan truly become their means of livelihood, could not help feeling sometimes an accidental discovery will determine your life. Now comes the graduates on the occasion, many students want to find an ideal job or proper part-time, so this time I strongly recommended Wangzhuan industry (of course, a prerequisite is that you have the interest and ability), as compared to the many friends of the career outlook, Wangzhuan is quite decent easily one thing. read more

The general scheme of the English station collection focuses on the © of the foreign website, and usually does not collect the website with complete copyright

below provide some available English station

The following are the read more

in an article on the VentureBeat, how the growth of start-up companies through the task outsourcing, thereby improving product development and reduce the risk of expansion of enterprise personnel, an interesting interpretation. In particular, the need to avoid risks, to provide you with five recommendations. (translator)

a few months ago, there was a telephone conversation with the boss of a SEO agent. She wants to find someone to help her users build up the chain. I immediately told her that there are a number of overseas companies and individuals to provide such services. Through a number of online outsourcing platform can successfully find. Her response was a shock, "it’s crazy to outsource overseas," but our world today is going on, every day and every night. Through this stage outsourcing, outsourcing companies, not only quickly into the development of new products, and these provide outsourcing services team is likely to have higher professional than hiring employees. read more

network rely on money?

technology? Experience? Resource? Team funding?

if you have not had so little network promotion, or only a good method, how to make money? Many people joined Taobao off camp, Taobao actually guest is the most competitive, while less output of a way to make money, except Taobao off the master of course, not in the scope of discussion within, also have their own website to sell products of Taobao, those more fire, of sorts, but the results are not ideal, now the team do network are not so good to do, not to mention the rookie read more

October 9th, independent shopping search portal to help buy 5 ( announced the completion of $16 million B round of financing, the current round of financing by Kai Ming Investment (ClearVue Partners / CVP) lead investor, oak investment group (Oak Investment Partners) and well-known angel investors with the cast; the Kai Ming investment founder and director of the general manager Mr. Chen Weili will join the board of directors to help buy 5. To help buy 5 founder and CEO Yin Rujie said, B round of financing will be mainly used for shopping search portal to help buy a website development, marketing and sustainable innovation of 5. Coupled with the February 2012 A round of investment led by Oak investment group led by $7 million 100 thousand financing to help buy a total of $23 million 100 thousand to get $5 financing. read more

here to talk about, I am also a student, so some ideas for college students and the situation is still somewhat understand. Here, I focus on student groups on the Internet to do a few points of my humble opinion.

can be roughly divided into two categories:

, a technology based

this kind of students entrepreneurship easier, because they have the technology foundation support, and the way of entrepreneurship has many choices, I’ll look at examples.


it’s a good way to start a business, but you need a team. The project approach is the line can also be online (pig Witkey, etc.), the project can be quickly development, website background development, SEO, ERP, technical support etc.. Well paid, of course, the premise is that your technology is hard enough. read more

last century in 90s, to be exact, 1994. At that time, a storm blows, then swept through years of reform and opening up gradually with the world full contact, China.

the storm is called "Crazy English", or "Li Yang Crazy English"". Yes, for many people, born in 80s 70, it did not seem a distant memory: when he was only 25 years old Li Yang founded "the long 20 years of education brand Li Yang Crazy English, high school and college students too many to count from that moment that all adults have joined the" the carnival of the 300 million Chinese speak fluent English "at the end of the century, it is from the moment of" Crazy English "it to the fire again also cannot do without" Li Yang "this attribute, it is a fire burning for 16 years. read more

better than the slow fire. The challenge of 90 percent of the adult business world, experienced by the storm is still no sign of public opinion. Poor students, entrepreneurship, investment of 100 million yuan, 90, Ali, personality, these labels intertwined "more than good" become a public topic.

Internet insiders from multiple dimensions of Yu Jiawen were questioned, resume, sensational stories, the company’s products, as well as the business model has been pointed out that "Yu Jiawen boast", more micro-blog marketing experts "Bachu Yu Jiawen pointed out that the old micro-blog" character problem". read more