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product details > >         1, on payment of union, the day before the day settlement Commission, over 100 yuan you can play money.
2, the volume of more than 1000 days, we will have more preferential policies, please contact qq:429157161
3, tax exemption, the Union undertake unsubscribe and bad debts
4, commission settlement questions please consult qq:627618033   1 read the terms of cooperation and confirm the cooperation agreement, please fill out the registration information table, in order to facilitate cooperation with the Commission settlement
2. through the audit partner, landing in the background, you can get a variety of business product code, query Commission, modify passwords and other operations.
3. partners select the corresponding advertising code to launch a significant position on its website.
4. mobile phone users in the use of partners on the page of the service, billing system will be recorded in the background through ID, partners can get a high percentage of commission.
5. group, credit card and other cheating once found, immediately closed account. read more

exchange chain known as a IP return into two IP in your station on the exchange chain alliance code visitors click to enter is a contribution, is an integral, join the other website exchange alliance is clicked, will have a chance to enter your web site, that there will be a transfer page. Is this IP page transfer calculation should jump to any member website, IP page Jump transfer integral calculation, one plus one, minus one or a return to zero bit (each have different preferences, the alliance) can make site visits increased. read more

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single ring ( from the beginning of April 2005 sales in Sweden and in the Scandinavia Peninsula (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the general term) has achieved some popularity. Then it was gradually spread to Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is " Nikkei Marketing Journal" selected as the 2005 product concern and set off a boom in Japan in 2006.

promotion advantage:

1, a wide range of user groups, with the theme of life shopping, especially for shopping, dating, life site. read more


Ma Huateng recently said, "the Internet will eventually be like steam engine, electric power and other industrial products of the same age, can be used as a tool for all industries." In fact, he said, Tencent is like a power plant, WeChat and QQ can become a tool to connect everything. Tencent is trying to open the power of the ecological landscape will be landing.

why Ma Huateng so low in the know almost on, and this is the little brother, the most popular topic, the answer is 90. But the best answer is not here, but from Vanke President Yu Liang, he is an engineering man well, the speech is very peaceful. The real strength of the people can not sound." read more

A middle-aged man: no matter windy afternoon, whether the weekend or holidays, where more people, where there is his bike

if there is exchange of my QQ 470666 figure King talk about the promotion, operation

Xuzhou dating web in his various traditional mode of promotion, at the sidelines, in all sob, he walked 1 and a half yearsThe cheapest

the pay, which is a lot of new experiences, we do the professional website reference and reference

I also do the occupation sensitive so I really want to get to know the webmaster

with several local webmaster talked about him, talk about the above story.

decided to invest in the network, after buying the server program, also There is not much left. In order to flow, he had to be ridiculed by a lot of people

step by step. In a year’s time. His website has grown rapidly to more than 30 thousand users, online per day for 4000 people.

nature as an area of professional marriage website, such results can be proud of.

McCain promoted the old Chu some words I feel a lot: the promotion can not consider the face, no traffic, does not make people

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(according to: 2003 today, we read the article of the year before last, may feel that there are some errors, but some of the articles mentioned in the article, has not yet been well resolved, it is worth thinking about In the current and future period, the success of B2C e-commerce model will be very difficult thing. Of course, the success of this does not mean that a site’s profit, it does not mean that a number of sites of profitability, but refers to the B2C e-commerce retail formats can occupy a certain market share in the entire retail industry. B2C online shopping how to cross the dead cycle? This is the industry’s imminent problem.    

The development of

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. The advertiser Name: construction network (

. Advertisers: a network founded in January 2000, is the first China, is currently the largest and most professional domestic engineering books online sales platform.

engineering network has more than 80 thousand kinds of engineering books inventory, in addition to the construction of a variety of books, but also covers a large number of Engineering


specification, standard atlas, including transportation, electric power, water conservancy, communications, petrochemical, environmental, mechanical, metallurgical and mining, read more


can be described in the crowd in the guest Wangzhuan known, Taobao is a Alibaba launched 07 years off, then called Amoy, has just launched a lot of stationmaster joined the ranks, some part of people do make money, but there are a lot of people to make ends meet! I graduated from high school last year began to contact me that is the first contact with the Taobao shop, then slowly learned that Taobao, Taobao and so off into my university part-time! I also earn some pocket money off by Taobao read more

5 years, I have become a more than a dozen employees of the company’s CEO, although the company is small, but this is the starting point of my business, but also for my career. Take advantage of the rare time, I also talk about the experience I do stand, although it can not be said to be successful, but still want to give those who can not profit grassroots webmaster who inspired.

just will then go to college, I have no other hobbies, only is keen on the Internet bubble, in addition to basic class is in the Internet, and now we should be said Indoorsman. But I don’t like the other students like playing games, chat QQ, basically I just look at the Internet website, see a variety of websites, sometimes on their profits, because I always think that the future trend of development is the network. read more

Ma Yun speech to the young people in Beijing, said: young people tangled today IT industry Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, we have just come out and feel the opportunity to IBM, CISCO, Microsoft took. In the mobile Internet for many years I read these words, feeling a deep sense of crisis giants revealed.

crisis prompted the giants to re implant entrepreneurial gene

domestic Internet giants are basically gone through ten years, mobile Internet companies also experienced three or four years, long after the start-up period, the body is fat, promote enterprise advance early entrepreneurial impulse, power is cut after the founding, entrepreneurial giants of the era, is facing new challenges. The power loss of entrepreneurship, and innovation mechanism, make Marxism, hierarchy process doctrine, chaotic business system, science and technology enterprises consume individuality, what will happen? Look at once IT overlord Microsoft on WP system performance, SONY continuous losses, let a person shudder. read more

to sell Taobao’s money to make a lot of people can make a lot of money, how much is not discussed, here is mainly to talk about each tutorial is worth it? Or is it a lie?

The presence of

network trap on the Internet as long as every hour and moment, and it will be accompanied by, these are unavoidable, everything has two sides, which can bring you good, also can bring you bad, the Internet is no exception, it can create wealth for the society, also can bring a lot of negative effects of network a liar is a serious, so many friends make Wangzhuan liar when on, a waste of time and effort, some have lost money. read more

contemporary college students, many are college students, they are active in thinking of exaggeration, strong initiative, for the future of their entrepreneurial time have different ideas, but for the Internet platform business, many students temporarily lost direction and goal! So, today we are simple to discuss:

first, the attention of the Internet platform:

Internet information is updated every moment, college students concerned about the Internet is concerned about their tomorrow, because the Internet is not only the main carrying information, but also the expansion of the channel. Students every day has a lot of spare time, they are how to use the Internet to read the novel time?? Internet TV? Watch movies on the Internet? See the Internet bubble? Playing online games or online friends?? but I said these are most concerned about the Internet of contemporary college students love to do, but how many the students on the Internet is view of innovation and entrepreneurship? They have to use the Internet platform to start business information? Oh, maybe not, could not, may…… read more

    just the end of the 2007 Internet innovation leader international forum, named the most investment value of the top 100 sites. In this list, classified information website to feibook nets, reputation nets, 58 city as the representative, has become the focus of much attention.

    China by the Ministry of Information Industry Guide forum selection, the evaluation criteria set for "in the concept, technology, models and other aspects of innovative and unique advantages, with high growth potential and the ability of sustainable development". Experts pointed out that as the eternal theme of the Internet, innovation is no longer just a new technology innovation, but also includes the concept of technology, product applications and business model innovation. read more

Links placed each website or website name on their website and set the hyperlinks to other websites. Users can find their own website cooperation from the website, to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, it is simple in certain forms of cooperation between the complementary strengths of the site, in which they have a certain marketing resources the case through cooperation to achieve the purpose of common development.

exchange links with several aspects: to get traffic and improve the popularity of the website in the search engine rankings, increase weight, Links is a kind of website promotion methods, to be used by the vast majority of the site. read more

the first computer in the United States since the advent of the world’s network at an alarming rate of development, China’s network is not the least developed. China network development to 2010 to form, under the inevitable outcome of many networks, whether it is Ma Yun’s mom, Robin Li or Baidu, or the network is very hot in the network group purchase. Is the strength of the team.

whether it is now, or the future, or the past, a person’s strength is limited, the team’s strength is infinite, this is the eternal truth. read more

to tell you a story in the point before, there are many people heard estimates:

once upon a time there was a man who was stupid and wanted to learn kung fu. The last teacher got impatient with him. He called him over and took a stick out of his hand. But think, this disciple is too stupid, if out of shame to do. He sighed, raised the club shouted: "go", will be thrown out the root cause.

the apprentice is also stupid surprisingly, put the teacher threw the stick as a move to teach him a move, and then happily went. Then every day practicing this trick, the hands of the stick from the sticks gradually replaced iron, more and more heavy. read more

everybody webmaster good:

because of "Mai crazy project" a few stationmaster serious cheating, so in order to promote this project, "Mai crazy project" from 08 February 27th 0 to suspend delivery and rectification of


we will verify the fraud promotion as soon as possible, give the corresponding punishment! Please continue to pay attention to this project! Thank you


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

Ali mother the last half year dig around, to engage in network alliance of several people Aguirre a QQ group, Ali mother headhunter call directly to the family network and business staff poaching, unfortunately, not many union staff, directly hit the boss talking on the phone, headhunter, you said people can not complain?…… Cited as a joke.

According to Ali

, claimed that the establishment of Ali’s mother, inspired by the success of 4 years ago, Taobao advertising alliance. At the time of is eBay the agreement to ban eBay ads are cast out, Sina portal is eBay eBay basic monopoly, you have to turn in the Taobao alliance of small and medium-sized website advertising. Finally, we see the results, Taobao win, eBay eBay almost exit the Chinese market. read more

now rely on personal Adsense ads on Google, obviously reduce income than in the past two years, so many webmaster to do English station, in order to obtain the high income for new friends, do not English station can imagine in the brain as simple, not simple to Chinese words with Yahoo translation or translation tool under Goole you can, you need to face a lot, Chinese do foreign stations, is the most important linguistic problems, suggest that we do stand after the first to find a foreign friend to see to do the next step. Many of my friends have said, the biggest problem is to do English station domain name and space, it is one-sided, the real problem is the value of English station in foreign countries, only the valuable website they will visit, in their eyes, the access time is money. In this way, the biggest problem is out, how to do to get more foreign friends to visit. (this is our Chinese said traffic problems, some people say do English station with Chinese traffic, I tell you, do you can, but the advertising fee would not be significantly increased, only foreign IP click for advertising costs will be high), through these days of learning, I put my own the experience for everyone to share it, the content is too much, I have summarized the key points: read more