start to early we have all heard this sentence, but the specific age we have discussed, the best age to start a business is exactly what time, we go to see it! Popular argument is 29 years old, before the expiration of the period of youth action. Otherwise, you will be branded as "expired". Geoffrey of Harvard Business School? That Geithner’s statistics, creation of high potential entrepreneurs with an average age of 35. In the Internet era, with pressing youth IT upstart, their success menacing, as if people feel more and more urgent, entrepreneurship as early as possible. read more

China is a tea producing country, the climate is different in different regions, the production of tea will not be the same, rich tea market has too many varieties of tea. In short, the name of a lot of tea, it is not a thousand kinds of problems, really can be said to be dazzling. But by some scholars analysis and research, to be classified, but found some way, a vivid picture of the taste, a better understanding of tea, tea memory. There are seven general methods of naming tea:

1. is named after the shape of the tea. Lu’an Guapian, Junshan Silver Needle Tea, Spring Snail, green tea and so on, the. read more

The development of

communication industry has led to the emergence of a large number of new things, micro-blog is one of them, but also the most representative of A. More and more people as a blogger, then there is no business opportunities can use micro-blog to achieve people’s dream of getting rich?

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2016 Spring Festival is coming, after the Spring Festival will usher in the biggest job hopping and start-ups once a year, before carrying out pioneering work in the years after all, small entrepreneurs need to think about what 2016 money fast?

2016 what to make money fast? DIY toy

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pet is now in the status of the family is getting higher and higher, so, professional pet service for pet shops is naturally more and more. If you want to get the recognition of consumers, a proper name is very necessary. However, if you want to pet store up a suitable name, you need to bear in mind the relevant rules. Pet shop name need to remember those rules? It is important to open a pet shop name, spread and development of the pet shop want fast, pet shop name is also very important, you need to follow the rules? read more

foot store is very common, as long as you know a little about what the market will know better brand items. Even if you find a good project, you need to learn technical skills. How to operate the foot store? Many investors are interested in this issue, if you want to learn, you can see a lot of other people experience sharing.

A, the store management depends on the brand, brand reflected by vector

Each branch of

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management activity continued to open, to provide new impetus to economic growth China. Among them, the most critical role comes from the innovation and entrepreneurial talent, talent is the new engine of China’s economic growth. Not only include domestic talent, but also the majority of overseas chinese.

In the construction and development of

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small fast food franchise chain business location is very important, although this kind of food and beverage project is popular, but also can’t casually site. How to determine the location of good or bad? This is the franchisee needs to learn. If you are not very clear, you can learn the location of knowledge, I hope to help you.

now many small fast-food chain stores card group commercial street downtown, and here are generally Cuntucunjin, not only popular and conditions are relatively superior, because the position of prominent and obvious, it’s easy to find and locate the customer. read more

survey shows that female entrepreneurs in the business is more robust than male entrepreneurs, more likely to stand firm in the market crisis, through the storm. To support women entrepreneurship is one of the social development of people’s livelihood should focus on.

2015 in the evening of November 26th, the "520 women entrepreneurs dream forum held in Changan campus of Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications, Shaanxi Swire Coca-Cola Company Sales Manager Guo Dongliang was invited to the interpretation and significance of the 520 women’s entrepreneurship project. read more

entrepreneurship must keep up with the development of the times, the current global economy has been closely linked with the Internet, entrepreneurship should also continue to evolve with the development of the network upgrade. "Internet plus" has become the new theme of innovation and entrepreneurship.

to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, to create "Internet plus" Innovation Demonstration City, the Foshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau recently drafted the "implementation plan of Foshan city construction" Internet plus "innovation demonstration city (2016-2020) (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), is now facing the public solicit opinions and comments until 16 this month. read more

out of a makeup, is a respect for me, is a kind of respect for others, therefore, it is because of this consumer psychology of the people, will let the make-up market usher in more big market demand, the industry brand is to get a more rapid development, has formed a very high-end and the very high visibility of the brand. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the makeup of the top ten brands list, so that you can have a better consumer choice.

makeup of the top ten brands NO.1.LANCOME Lancome Lancome is a well-known cosmetics brand, a high reputation in the industry. Lancome (LANCOME) products include beauty products, perfumes and cosmetics. What a beautiful and elegant atmosphere, Lancome is already the world’s people love and familiar brands. As early as perfume started Lancome (LANCOME), has become a guide to the development of a full range of cosmetic brands. In the course of the past few decades on behalf of the United States, it always represents the exquisite, elegant, temperament and charisma, but it has always maintained a noble but not high attitude, to protect all women go for it’s gentle and calm and considerate. read more

does not have strong financial situation, many people are choosing a good small businesses in this project, but also need to run a small business, small business, many can not be wasteful, be very careful in reckoning. Today Xiaobian to share some of the business in this area, if you are interested, do not miss.

1, first of all to do their own familiar things


is very important, any project in any industry is not three days two days can be figured out, don’t want to be too simple an industry, relevant industry experience is very important, if you are not familiar with the field, no matter how much money people not to follow suit, you can do is to follow the trend of stepping stone to others the. read more

is a brand to be successful cannot do without a team of hard work and hard work, a good team is the successful guarantee for a tea franchise brand, team building occupies an irreplaceable position in the development of enterprises. How to build an excellent team has become an important issue in the development of each tea brand. So, how to build a good team, what conditions must have


tea to join 4 essential team:

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China’s catering industry is a very popular choice of employment and entrepreneurship, it has a low operating threshold, attracting a large number of entrepreneurs. Food and beverage industry is the first choice for many people with low education, the reason is that it is very low threshold, as long as you are a healthy person, you are willing to endure hardship on the line.

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