Domain name is a domain name before being registered, leading to this domain name to register the name registration down behavior.

good international domain name basically has been carved up in Europe and other developed countries.

now to get a good international domain name, or buy expensive. Either registered.

recommended query:

(Note: converted into Beijing. For example, the domain name 7-21 lost, in fact, the time of the morning in Beijing 7-22

2 – 4 deleted.Org type domain name, a few up to a day earlier than the actual deletion time kicked out, this is a special case)

to delete the domain name in the world ranking (, PR value (the importance assessment of Google) and so on, all can be found here.

to look carefully Oh, perhaps to spend tens of dollars to register a domain name, every day can bring tens of thousands of IP to you.

front say are the two English site, if you English is not good, here is your query.

two, cybersquatting preparatory work

1 if you are not a genius, so please look at this point to give you tips.

recognized pool, snap, enom

(the domain name referred to as "rice", in some places will be called

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in May 10th, Suning Electric college was established and the first rural county Internet plus circulation development forum site, Suning and Chinese poverty alleviation fund jointly set up a "rural school", the two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in poverty alleviation Internet plus rural electricity supplier training. Su ningyun, vice chairman Sun Weimin, China poverty alleviation foundation Secretary General Liu Wenkui jointly Suning rural business school inaugurated. read more

A5 web review: many people have asked what time it is now 3 meters, 3 meters long awaited finally got the news, millet company will in September 5th news conference released, at the same time, the long rumored millet TV will also be unveiled, millet TV if it issued, will give the market shock.

it is reported that millet company will hold a press conference on September 5th, the official release of the new millet third generation mobile phone – meter 3".

speculation, rumors of millet TV has long been possible in this conference debut. read more

in the summer of 2007 before the arrival of the day, the United States of Houston Yimaide hypermarkets to Home Furnishing supplies procurement supervisor CEO proposal, in view of the region in the humid climate environment, it is necessary to introduce a large number of bamboo charcoal mattress has the function of health care from China dehumidification. Because of Yao Ming’s relationship, the residents of the second largest international trade port in the United States have a natural interest in products from china. Authoritative experts have proved that bamboo carbon has a good adsorption decomposition, moisture absorption, conductivity, far infrared, antibacterial and negative ions, is in line with the needs of local residents in Houston summer. So, Yimaide sign will be included in the Chinese bamboo charcoal mattress procurement list. They think that as long as the online search, you can easily find authentic sellers. read more

I summed up some of the basic knowledge of the domain name, and to share with you, I hope to do some help to do just stand friends.

1 what is the domain name


Internet domain name is the name of a server on the Internet network or a network system in the world, there is no duplicate domain name. The domain name is in the form of a number of English letters or numbers, separated by a few parts, such as is a domain name.

2 what is the international top-level domain name?

on the Internet domain name is from the domain structure in different poses and with different expressions, but to divide, the domain name can be generally divided into two categories, a category called "international top-level domain" (referred to as the "international domain name"), a category called "domain name in china". read more

New Year approaching, discounts, promotions, group purchase, seckill word more and more frequently in people’s eyes, Chinese leading hotel booking platform, green mango travel network "members to break 1 million, Thanksgiving return" is "Hong Kong hotel reservation price".

member breakthrough 1 million, Thanksgiving activities

green mango travel network is mango’s brand, as currently the most leading hotel booking platform, make it to be the best in the intensive and meticulous farming, a large segment of the industry. Green Mango Hotel products cover the following three-star hotels, hotels, hostels, hotels, inns, family hotels and other varieties. The main user groups for college students and young white-collar workers, a group of backpackers tour pal, a relatively young and relatively sensitive to price. Green mango travel in December 8th registered members broke through the one million mark, on the day of the implementation of the full membership of the single free incentives for the 1000000th members, but also invited the members of the guest green mango travel network. read more

every reporter Jiang Peifang

in the Jingdong, according to Tmall who is offline super overlord that the debate is not corpuscles on the occasion, has always been proud of the Jingdong logistics group CEO Liu Qiangdong, and in the CCTV program with the rookie playing the mouth battle.

in the recent broadcast of CCTV "dialogue" column, the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong evaluation of the rival Jingdong logistics network rookie, he said the rookie network nature or to build a data system on several courier companies. Finally, most of several courier company profits will be sucked rookie logistics. read more

Abstract: Jingdong and Tencent WeChat and mobile phone QQ, social networking, entertainment, shopping will be set as a whole, not only in their own mobile phone client to send a 1 billion yuan red envelope, in the Jingdong, the Jingdong WeChat QQ mobile phone shopping shopping also has a large number of red envelopes and 618 packs of delivery.

in addition to low prices, they have come up with these to lure you to consume

tomorrow is the Jingdong’s 618 anniversary, the 11 echoes and double universal online shopping carnival, not only is the parties compete for consumers on the battlefield, it is a major business parade. read more

Chinese electric never lack the spoiler, everyone is obsessed with Wanda for us to construct the service life of the O2O, we still remember the year before, Suning also mentioned the concept of cloud providers. Similar to the concept of the same line background, Suning recent year’s development can be said to be quite unknown. Now the value of Suning 24 anniversary of a series of price promotions have struck, so that we can not help but think of Suning and Jingdong in 815 wars, but two years later, the Jingdong have been listed and B2C secured a brother, while Suning more quiet, sales declined not to say, industry influence is the bright younger generation frequently beyond, which makes us doubt, a line of resources for support of Suning lost in the end what place. read more

myth one by one. These days, as long as a total eclipse of the line, as long as the business seems to count the money you can sit. Zhu Yan, a 27 year old girl who lives in the city’s rivers and lakes, has been running all night for more than four nights, and she is even more exaggerated.

Zhu Yan sell solar eclipse observation mirror, astronomical telescope, astronomical observation…… A few dollars a small, large hundreds, thousands or even million. Since July, her daily sales exceeded 100 thousand yuan, half a month cumulative sales of $about 1600000. Zhu Yan rough calculations, the average profit of these goods is about 30%, half a month, profit 500 thousand yuan no problem. read more

[introduction] the future industrial base of electricity, will continue to mobile providers, community O2O platform, B2B2C platform, B2C bypass.

text / Huang Gang

three years later, in 2017 China’s e-commerce will be what kind of a lot of people are thinking and discussion.

2014, major electricity supplier platform to be listed, but only the vertical electric potential of a There is not much left., very difficult to profit in the fresh agricultural products and the electricity supplier. Today, we are not talking about fresh agricultural products electricity supplier, is three years after the development trend of e-commerce. Why do you want to talk about this topic? A few days ago was invited to participate in the Huludao Chinese apparel e-commerce conference, facing reporters, put forward the development trend of the electricity supplier industry group, how to build a flat relying on e-commerce industry supply chain service system, from the base to the user, to eliminate the middle of each link, to achieve success analysis of business and logistics. In exchange with the mayor of Huludao, the government attaches great importance to the leadership, but also for the future development trend of the industry supply chain I have a deep resonance. Not only is the mayor of Huludao Yang, this year I was in Shandong mayor, mayor of Zhejiang, Ruian, and other exchanges, but also to see the three line of the city government on the Internet industry urgent. read more

Zhang, 19 years old, is now a freshman in Yiwu business school. And his schoolmates, Zhang early engaged in Internet entrepreneurship, he is engaged in the business of web design, he is located in Jinhua city of Zhejiang province Yiwu City Qingyan Liu Village village of electricity up to more than 2800 shops.

Liu Qingyan village of

on the outskirts of Yiwu was originally just an ordinary small village in recent years, with the rapid development of electronic commerce, the village became the famous Taobao village. On November 19, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Qingyan Liu village in Zhejiang Province, which is worthy of praise "the first village of Chinese shop". read more

in the past year, analysts have claimed that online advertising will not be affected by the recession, people should be used in this kind of advertising spending more publicity, online advertising is the future mainstream advertising.

but Blodget thinks it’s time for us to wake up and face reality. He believes that online advertising spending will decline in 2009, and may even be a sharp decline, and in 2010 will continue to decline. Hundreds of ad business startups will be down mode. YAHOO, CNET, AOL and other large display advertising companies will also be affected. Online advertising companies or will usher in the second dotcom crisis. read more

with the arrival of the era of the national mobile Internet, the electricity business in 2014, there is a force can not be ignored, that is micro business. Many people will find their own circle of friends, WeChat will appear from time to time to promote early childhood learning machine mask, advertising stickers, take the good friend, he has 2 relatives joined the army of micro business.

ten derivative five selling mask, many weekdays nothing, love the dress girl have gradually become the main force of micro business, the author also contacted several micro business, everyone like to play with blood like, desperately tell derivative of a bright future, who said through micro business income 300 thousand, less than half a year to buy a car, but also the important out of each other’s circle of friends, to prove the authenticity of. read more

With the continuous change of the

platform gameplay, as an intermediate platform shopping guide website began to shrink, since the beginning of last year and think about the future trend, two years as a shopping guide platform Zhang Lianglun reluctant to turn off the meters off the network, but not the transition of growth will be limited, and began to put a hand pump vertical web babe network, with the mother the sale of goods.



world network operators Chen Army

"do not want to shut down the babe network meters off the network." Babe network CEO Zhang Lianglun said, great changes have taken place in the play, business marketing strategy and the user’s thinking, also set up in order to respond to the babe network platform for shopping guide website continued to tighten policy situation. read more

November 2nd, executive vice president Li Bin said, will expand the depth of cooperation with customers in various aspects, to help customers who fall.

Li Bin said: "through close contact with customers, we have a more in-depth understanding of customer, and deeper understanding, will continue to strengthen cooperation with customers, not just in product level cooperation, the future will be more comprehensive cooperation in various aspects of service, management, marketing, logistics resources integration." read more

ten years ago, Amazon with a book to sell gradually into people’s sight, and the rapid expansion of the core business of Internet e-commerce. From the longest river to the shortest domain name, now, the electricity supplier ten years trend of the domestic achievements of this "bookstore", but also ushered in a lot of thinking, what more discussion is not "still scenery" or "wushirenfei".

Wen / Liang Jianing Xiang mi


August 19th was held in Shanghai to enter the 10 year celebration Chinese, Amazon’s senior vice president Diego Piacentini said: "China has a double meaning of the Amazon, not only to do their thinking to introduce Internet e-commerce abroad. We must continue to push China’s creative world." read more

recently, Wangfujing (22.80, -0.27, -1.17%) department store announced its independent online shopping mall trial operation.

at least in the country, the department stores and online shopping malls to do business success is rare. Parkson network, both in the spring Seth had social impact, or in the actual sales, have failed to find out the doorway.

we’re ready


is working, although in Beijing the cold of winter, Wangfujing Street still pedestrians. In the nearly sixty years of history has been praised as "the new Wangfujing department store China first shop", Liu Chunji and her team are operating a day in and day out Wangfujing mall. read more

a lot of the name of the original single goods sales big banner shops have recently commodity property from the "new" to "second-hand", but in various colors and sizes, but stressed the new commodity commodity description.

part of the seller to avoid "7 days no reason to return rule

in the increasingly stringent rules for the implementation of the release of goods after the Taobao, second-hand label has become part of the business to circumvent the new rules magic". read more