era is different, the tobacco market also ushered in a major change, as a result of the new era of tobacco products, and now the share of the major retail stores is growing. But want to make a fine cigarette return, naturally also need to master the relevant business skills, so that the product will be better to sell out. So, how to sell fine cigarette? Let Xiaobian analysis and analysis for you.

I store fine cigarette from last year’s "Nanjing" series of three specifications of the development of today’s "Taishan" "Lanzhou" "Mount Huangshan" "Zhenlong" and other brands of nine specifications. Now the low tar cigarettes are more and more favored by consumers, especially thin cigarettes, but also attracted a lot of consumption. Here are some suggestions for my experience. read more

want to open a hot pot restaurant, you want to design their own store? Each restaurant must have its own characteristics in order to better attract consumers to join the more reliable. The following Xiaobian for you to focus on some of the details of the decoration:

1, according to the size of the hall area of the treasure pot market positioning, hall area of 200 square meters above the request, the table at more than 20 tables.

2, the decoration style is full of treasure Hot pot low levels of consumption, average per capita consumption of 30 yuan, diners mostly belong to the lower middle class, hall decoration not too luxurious, generous to the whole, which should be in line with the decoration style uniform, bright style, principle of environment level of medium, create a warm and simple dining environment for the purpose of. read more

The story focuses on

venture into the sea for those with entrepreneurial dreams of small operators, as long as you find a suitable way of entrepreneurship, hard to do, you will succeed!

the strength, not only refers to your economic strength, but also including the strength of your business. Read, read, learn a lot of entrepreneurial information, information, experience does not mean you can go to business. Before the start, to re evaluate your own, summarize their own advantages and disadvantages, there must be a correct evaluation of their own, in the business on the road not only do not underestimate yourself, do not raise their. In a word, is to own the correct positioning of commercial intelligence and entrepreneurial potential! Who can be stimulating and improving a considerable part of the small business after many years still do what are not successful, the main reason is because there is no correct assessment of the strength of their positioning error read more

has a lot of very touching story and person in our life at the same time, in such a business oriented society, people want to change their fate and change their lives, only by undertaking such a way.

from the left leg disability to drop out of school youth sitting on millions of dollars in assets of the mobile phone repair experts, to experience the story of how


"life in the face of the test, is to insist on or give up in their own hands." Turning to the various difficulties, he was calm and free. read more

a lot of people have their own shop when the boss’s idea, but the real implementation was found to encounter such a problem. The following Xiaobian for everyone to tell a story of their own entrepreneurial failure experience, I hope to be able to invest in the business and people who want to invest in some reference.
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1. lack of prior planning. Choose to do fast food, is that the threshold of the industry is low, the risk of pressure is small, fast cash withdrawal. Because of this illusion,   when Zhou Lei and his friends let down on business, lack of planning, so that when the   is in the consumer groups, cash cycle, estimated turnover assessment; lack of risk comes, be taken by surprise. Lack of understanding of read more

What is the theme of

twenty-first Century? Yes, fashion and personality! The face of market demand, as investors, what do you think of it? Join a fashion and personality industry! Below I recommend two very popular for investors in the industry!

read more

food and beverage brands in the category of more influential to join the project is a good porridge Road, and good porridge road why so successful? What is the way to build the brand? Look at the following small series for you to introduce these, you will certainly be helpful to store management.

good porridge road breakfast brand management strategy analysis, the main points are as follows: seven

first, to avoid the Red Sea dispute, join the catering blue ocean strategy

all the week, catering market continued prosperity, a variety of new restaurants have to shop, to the development of many new land; old food and traditional food, the development of prosperity in the market, encouragement, fierce competition. There have been a large number of competitors face to face, side by side shop situation, which is a mature red sea. Good porridge road always adhere to the "market segmentation" and "path of differentiation", both from the large Chinese restaurant in the high-end and luxury, and is different from the Hot pot, soup pot, the pot dry rough, fast food is also different from the civilians, which based on the routine, to avoid the red sea battle, the occupation of market segments. After years of operation and development, the overall positioning of good porridge Road, in the vast dining market has a huge space for development. read more

some clothing store decoration design attractive, store clothing display is also very characteristic, so that consumers can easily find the appropriate clothing product area, in the visual sense of comfort to people, is conducive to business. So the store operator should learn how to dress.

1, with the same color

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business needs funds, in order to solve the problem of graduates of Zhejiang University venture capital, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province introduced the policy, to provide the maximum amount of 300 thousand yuan in small loans for college students in Hangzhou to recruit college students’ entrepreneurship, and enterprises will also give priority to get financial support.

Hangzhou college students can borrow up to 300 thousand yuan, college students can be given priority to obtain support funds, employment agencies to introduce a successful employment of graduates can receive a subsidy of $100…… read more


government has been encouraging people to innovation and entrepreneurship, has been for more business to create a good business atmosphere, in the conquest of the help, entrepreneurs can "live better", a young entrepreneurial dream to know how to seize the opportunity.

Director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce read more

is now in the social life, cosmetics have become a lot of people living at the same time, in the process of operating cosmetics shop, purchase is a very important link, now want to successfully shop, need to know what the purchase link.

operator from the general cosmetics (cosmetics) wholesale market and manufacturers purchase, accounted for more than 68%. What are the purchase channels of cosmetics


1, the wholesale market is relatively easy to find, whether it is a traditional store or shop, you can go directly to the wholesale market purchase, brand underwear. read more

from the food market in recent years, the domestic market share of imported food in the food share started to increase, whether it is the monopoly of imported food stores or supermarkets in imported food counters have a certain amount of growth, this phenomenon brought back a lot of entrepreneurs of the imported food in the exploration of the development of the domestic status quo.

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our university cafeteria cake window is always a long row of very long team, can be seen as a very popular snack items. Intentions to do the food, in order to be more popular with consumers, the selection of thousands of pastry shop ingredients, health is guaranteed, the production of stress, taste delicious, so that consumers are satisfied, so that franchisees make money. Pastry stores and its production process is the selection of special flour, after continuous stir stuffing made out of taste, flavor and taste, by numerous consumers. As long as joining thousands of cake shop, the company joined the policy will make you like. read more

underwear store, will certainly encounter a variety of customers, for different consumers and franchisees should pay attention to the way under the reception and service, if you are on this aspect of the business method is not very familiar, Xiaobian compiled some information, I hope to help you do a good job management.

1. as the center of the consumers: consumers are such and grasp principles of underwear store store underwear products selection, they are generally not easily change to persuasion and guide. Often such consumers concerned about the long underwear will be of interest to him, then our staff should take the initiative to find suitable size for such consumers try. read more

a lot of people in the investment business, often hear such merchants to promote their own brand in the market, that is in a blank state, however, in this small series to warn you, not what gaps in the market, if you want to do business investment, the market is not really blank letter!

2006, Norasun made a small application, that is, sitting in a public place such as cafes, through the phone to find people around online chat with them. This thing has not done too long, the user habits is a problem, mobile positioning technology is also a problem. 2010, after the application of the LBS sign up, Norasun know that he was the small application should be achieved by what technology. read more

today, the improvement of the living standard makes people in the decoration is more and more attention, especially in the choice of liquid wallpaper and wallpaper, liquid many consumers are more inclined to a certain well-known stores, so, want to become the market for liquid wallpaper stores, a good liquid wallpaper to join the brand can also provide the following advantages to join.

1, give professional site analysis. To help you do a good job in the local building materials, liquid wallpaper market research and business analysis, brand liquid wallpaper to join what advantage? The company will make an accurate assessment of the survey data. Assessment by the hangying liquid wallpaper will be to your site visit read more