graduated from a small college in the city two years ago. He has been working as an online price manager for nearly half a year. The so-called "network price division" is through the network platform to understand consumer demand and organization of group buying, and is responsible for representing consumers and businesses bargaining personnel. He told reporters that he got two or three jobs after graduation, but do not get too happy at the end of last year, a chance to see the network bargain division of the occupation, for marketing professional background he is hundreds of times. read more

2, Shanghai love account consumption continues, the past two weeks, the first consumer account number of days more than five days.

first encountered such a situation, inevitably will be surprised or ignored, even making a mess of the others to tell you this is the website structure problem, you also get to love Shanghai entry contrast structure. Li Xuezhi has just started to love Shanghai auction, in the face of the advertisement of Ningxia Tongji Hospital competition, quickly to a "master" to ask a lot, his answer is: This is the procedure of processing technology, and the structure of love Shanghai entry page like so. This pseudo master explanation make me this question ignored for a long time. In fact, this program and not what relationship, not so mysterious, it is a value-added service of love: love Shanghai Shanghai bidding way read more


finished solving site is love Shanghai right down, this time webmaster is not finished, because the site is down right to solve the love Shanghai problem is the most basic, but the site "hurt" still exists, in order to repair these "harm", it is necessary for us to do some webmaster what, for example, to find a fixed time every day to update the site, and ensure the quality of content, as long as the webmaster daily updated website, then love Shanghai will think your website is a regular website, as long as the sea that your website is a regular website, will slowly improve your website read more

An important breakthrough

is a public number WeChat ppc. At present, Sogou WeChat search ranking mechanism is the main keyword proximity, such as search "shoes", in the front row is the account name contains "shoes" keyword public number, and in the search for "love Shanghai"

two, the number of public drainage artifact

] June 10th news billion state power network, is the industry’s long-awaited WeChat search to reinstall the polymerization yesterday, behind the scenes manipulator last year by Tencent shares sogou. WeChat has been paying close attention to the business enterprise, what kind of impact will be in the blockbuster product? Billion state power network to contact a number of electricity business people, to make the following conjecture: read more

third through the portal website promotion, why choose portal portal is the Internet since its birth, the earliest business model, obtain revenue through advertising. The portal is the Phoenix, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent. The portal is not only the position of advertisement, and soft information. The soft information is still a good choice, the relatively low cost of advertising, the effect can reflect the brand keywords soft directly. Have the opportunity to study specific portal soft release and release. read more

two, the spider, timing quantitative feeding, update the site like spider feeding, we need to update the content in a certain period of time, develop habits of spiders to crawl, arrived after a period of time, it will give you the website included every day, you can even do what article it included many article records so, we must go to the website to update timing quantitative update, update so as to let the spider unremittingly to trust you more weight, naturally it will give you a very high, this update will give dynamic website page ranking of read more

" message – support earthquake earthquake history data retrieval and sharing

2. global coverage of the earthquake information center connected to the China Earthquake Administration, the Japan Meteorological Agency, National Earthquake Information Center, help users get earthquake related information in the first time;

App: similar "earthquake alarm"

3. before going to bed to open the application and open the warning system, it can through the vibration timely awaken people sleeping in the. read more

website is our ultimate goal to do Shanghai dragon, if a site no conversion rate, even if your traffic is high, there is no significance, so enhance the site’s conversion rate directly determines the value of Shanghai dragon. So how to improve the conversion rate of the site, this is what I want to talk to you today about the contents of.

The transformation of

two, the difference of the content of manufacturing.

users have to buy a certain type of product, it must have a reason to buy, such as mobile phone users to buy millet, millet mobile phone may be mainly directed the exciting price, exquisite appearance, powerful processors, and if the price of millet mobile phone than apple, that users can no longer select millet. Another example is the sprinkler I engaged in this industry, now the national truck manufacturers, competition is very fierce, the search of the sprinkler users is mainly to see the actual effect diagram of each manufacturer of the sprinkler work, in order to make a comparison, and then if we appear sprinkler video site, it can meet the user demand. The user needs analysis we can love from Shanghai or Shanghai love related search drop-down box you can see some tips, such as tourism industry in the winter, the biggest user demand is the Yunnan tourism, if we go to a publicity on Yunnan tourism information on the website, you will get more users, so the search engine weight given the higher. This is also in love in Shanghai can be seen in the relevant search: read more


if the search engine optimization of keywords system has been digging to a certain extent, after system analysis, keyword has been largely completed, we can consider to find some new words. How to find more new keywords

keyword is website based on sustainable development, then we have to dig the existing keyword system. Only in-depth analysis and mining on keywords system constantly, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the site.

The choice of the The

1, through social hot

of a hope that the long-term stable development on the website, when the site has keywords planned operation is completed, should go back to re-examine the previous key system, with the actual operation experience of the entire site to find the key before the thesaurus is not adequate, and to make improvement. The usual practice is: Based on the existing keywords system, deep digging more and site theme related keywords, not previously detailed analysis, such as the three level, the next word long tail keywords mining and analysis etc.. Like our website long tail keywords as shown below: read more

we talked about do stand group of very important preparations for the station group is for our industry for an accurate positioning, so better positioning, our next station group in the content and other aspects of the operation optimization of how to do this, how the operation will not be identified as search engine cheating, and today we discuss the specific operation of industry station group.

Whether it is also If we were to do

for the station group content is very important, if we do if we jump, it might be a search engine to identify cheating, then we all will become the station station for garbage, before we say stationgroup duplicate content seems to be difficult to solve, if not two sites compete in the same level, even if they are the same content and template, website between search engines will not be identified as cheating, because the area and people are different, so the two site to meet the demand is different. So before we talked about the station group according to the time, area and classification of the purposes we have to consider that there is no common crowd. read more

query classification information website

One thing is that many

already started to contact the site optimization friend must know the SITE command is used to query the web site, but how many webmaster use SITE to query the other content? A project I’m doing now is about education and training site, naturally requires educational resources, and domestic education sites are generally use the EDU.CN domain name, the habit of using.EDU, then use the SITE command to which EDU.CN can easily query the web site, and we know that the search engine query results is the keyword query according to the weights of the way, then we can use this to query, as shown in figure read more

three label has been called the three magic Shanghai dragon, by skillfully setting three labels, can make the ranking rapidly increased, but that time has gone for ever, babyliu to prove this fact, specially in the "Shanghai dragon training the word" section two maps that show everyone to see.

No.2: no need to create original content, natural writing is the highest quality of the original


No.3: do not need to do outside the chain, make good website content driven natural development of the read more

unless otherwise noted, the article is Baba Shanghai Longfeng original reproduced please specify the link with the 贵族宝贝baba贵族宝贝/ Shanghai: Shanghai dragon dragon so/20130519/184.html

in Shanghai dragon, a website with a lot of code to test on the website of the program submitted before the site to see the existence of dead links, invalid connection, and virus program. Once found must be removed, otherwise this site security is not high, the user is objectionable, easy to affect the user experience. read more

marketing is a kind of network marketing methods and establish brand awareness, for the network marketing, Encyclopedia of marketing is still relatively new one, a lot of people and companies engaged in network marketing, and not really put the encyclopedia as a matter. In fact, use Wikipedia, can make network marketing more efficient, the most notable feature is the most simple and almost no technical content, highly optimized implementation of the search engine.

originally, in fact I do not know, have much effect, as a person engaged in network marketing, is a failure, by chance, I fell in love with the sea in search of "model of" four words, find someone to help me in the Interactive Encyclopedia on the establishment of a specialized this article. I was naturally attracted and opened this entry, thanks to the unknown word creator, I will elaborate the contents of this book are introduced and relevant chapters directory included, which is from creation and I found that the interval of less than a week, there have been hundreds of hits. But some of these are in want of perfection, not accurate description. read more

often have some websites in order to enrich the function and do the revision, but a lot of information after the revision is invalid, for example: some classification screening, even will cause a large number of invalid page appears. Note: any revision page added, must have the value of information, such as: the increase of dozens of empty channels? As the perfect one, a better.

three: do not change the

before one to consult Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, URL reached a depth of seven or eight layer structure, I said this structure is not conducive to grasp, then talk with him, said to consider to do diagnosis. After a week came to me and said: "I changed URL, but the site was K, you have to accompany me to the site of loss." I have to let you modify the URL read more

finishing some articles and the chain to add a few days to rank the chance to improve.

to view its keyword ranking query batch query tool to generate the Excel form to the customer.

ranking query: Daily get up at 6, view a dozen jurisdiction website ranking, it needs to query: love Shanghai website snapshot, a day included, keywords ranking, Links, web log, flow log, overall look at whether there are changes, continue to maintain the keywords ranking promotion, the decline in

2, landing engine: suitable for new sites, the site is adjusted on-line update 35 articles each column can submit landing search. Landing entrance query can in many places, there is no longer a detailed list. read more


here, we have to talk about the significance of domain in the search engine: domain is the meaning, it is in this order, some sites may be partially matched to, such as 3W, may begin with 3W will be matched to, but this is not the exact number of the chain, personal feel this is the domain instruction calls, may also love Shanghai database changes, but this will not affect the ranking, because the domain out of the station and not your links in the chain can not be judged. Shanghai dragon is easy to touch this phenomenon, sometimes domain out of their own website chain number only hundreds, sometimes there are tens of thousands, so long as the daily check of the chain, then it will not be affected, as for your website ranking drop read more

When we were in

give an example of customer before coating, I carried out the Shanghai dragon, I spent two nights to analyze a lot about the word news, policy papers, industry information and other topics. I do not remember the specific number, associated with the key words the topic I drawnup topic is probably about more than 200, including: environmental protection, low carbon coatings, stock quotes, formaldehyde events, children paint mandatory index policy, two-child policy etc.. May be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will have doubts: "these topics are associated with your products, but do not take sides?" yes, this is a look at what is not in direct contact with the product, but these topics are most concerned about the topic of the industry is in the understanding of the masses; they were a thing, and not directly from the main body to understand, but from the beginning around the topic, this fact with our usual user point of view to use the search engine is a reason. read more

The electronic commerce code

in the nobility baby Analytics report provides us according to the index data of hours. Whether it is the number of visits, conversion, or jump out rate, we can subdivide the time dimension to 24 hours. Here is a screenshot report according to the bounce rate for 24 hours subdivision.

and watch the baby Analytics noble reports 24 hours we found that the starting point data record is 0 points, 23 points is the end point. According to the calculation method of the hour reporting of such records must be noble baby Analytics forward summary. This is our method and in the judgment is consistent. read more

a few years ago, the development is Chinese Internet is raging like a storm, the emergence of a large number of webmaster, let your website to let others know? So we are beginning to study Shanghai Dragon technology, in order to make the site can row in love Shanghai, Google and other search engines to the forefront, resorted to exhaust all the skills. Five points for nouns such as it is in this background, the forum, blog, e-mail group is very crazy, sometimes a piece of information may send hundreds of times, regardless of whether the readability, can be included in search engines will complete its purpose. Like the black chain link, such as the sale of trading in the market is unusually hot. But in recent years, the search engine algorithm is constantly changing, ranking mechanism and more careful, a lot of operation before today also will not work, and believe that many webmaster sigh, website ranking how fall again? How included less snapshots and back?. All the signs are that Shanghai dragon does not work in today’s ad, only the Shanghai dragon is the way out. What is the ad Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon? Where is the advantage of the read more