however, if your site level is high enough, then the search engine is concerned, such as: Sina, Sohu, Tencent level, these sites if search engines, users to search words, the search engine user experience great influence, will be greatly reduced, therefore, the search engine care of this web site, search engine is the same as our webmaster, attaches great importance to the user experience, to improve the user experience, which has become the future search engine or whether it is the inevitable trend of the development of website. Therefore, A5 group of Shanghai dragon diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ clients in Shanghai Longfeng) most sites give advice is to improve the user experience of the website, from the user’s point of view to consider doing station, improve the site, only to meet the needs of users, the website can long-term development, exist in the search engine. In order to have a good ranking. read more

I’m Xiaofeng lottery website construction, it is difficult to determine the topic, central link words such as these things, was the lack of experience, because eager to Xiaofeng lottery station built up, began to believe in no co-ordinate work. Later he repeatedly revised the title, description, key words something. The result is not easy to be a collection of web pages, K injured all over the body. Not long after my Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝 has been included, I am quite delighted if crazy. After that I won the lottery network finally stabilized, quickly put the title and the center link and fixed word description. read more

observation site code

from the design point of view, it is no problem. When we switch to the code mode, you will find a big problem.

Footer: you may look to find the problem, code nesting error. The normal site in the end after, but these sites are in the template after the emergence of

said in a statement on its website the most basic there is no write complete. And the website is outdated, or the older table layout. As we all know, in order to maximize the effective content of spider grabbed best practices is the site layout using div+css will separate the content and form of the maximum effective content, will be exposed to the spider. read more

recently estimated webmaster have loved Shanghai this update toss a headache, page included substantial diving or jet type rise, a time of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, Voices of discontent. Those who have, under Qiexi heart is, then look at the details included, found not actually own data collection again, began to shout. Instead of the usual red link exchange business booming, many webmaster for snapshot and included problems, has suspended the exchange Links.

just to discuss the statements of a school, please Paizhuan, some light. This article from the 贵族宝贝boai> read more

do this nofollow tag how, for a basic or > Shanghai Dragon

the first to tell you, the specific meaning of nofollow tags, that is simple, if the A page has a link to the B page, but the page to the A link with the rel=" nofollow" tagging, search engines do not the reverse link A "calculation into page B. The search engine to see this label may be reduced or completely abolished the link to the voting weights. That is to tell the search engines do not track the links on this page "or" do not track the specific link. This tag is to tell the meaning of the search engine of the link is not edited after the author’s own, so this link is not a vote of confidence. This is very clear, so when the owners see you do when there is a nofollow label, will say that you are not good links, are generally not and you exchange Links. read more



solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attackedThe

urlset: compared to the previous 4 parent tag



loc: page permanent link address, must be in 贵族宝贝 format, the absolute address of

noble baby site map sitemap.xml grammar rules




XML label:





first sitemap.xml (sitemap format best) was established for the spider on your site to climb better, to increase the search engine and friendly, this is the noble baby proposed rules, do not know whether to support the current love Shanghai. read more

The differences of

1. people do, have what.

2. through the search drop-down box, search, index, love love Shanghai Shanghai promotion client method, analysis how to find the demand inside the industry as well as what you can do.

The analysis of the existing

industry: for example, we search for "native", there are the shopping platform is the form of the show, because this industry characteristics are business oriented, or to purchase large quantities of users.

content page only simple words, we can add pictures and illustrations. If the picture, we can do more pictures. There are many pictures, we add video. There are video, we do a detailed explanation of the video. The difference is not shown must be special, people did not do, we should do better than others, such as the layout of the site. read more

so, don’t touch the black hat Shanghai dragon. More importantly, if you find your competitors in use, don’t silly follow up, let the noble baby know, believe me, you will soon be less of an enemy.

ranking search results how important? According to statistics, 34% of the users will click on the first search results, and only 17% will choose second, behind the result is more and more small. So, this is caused by the manufacturers want to buy list, because there can be more traffic, also may have more revenue. This is the recently occurred in the United States Department Store JCPenney’s story, they found a home in Shanghai Dragon Consulting Company, the results of the company to help them go to the underground black hat Shanghai dragon network bought by the "New York Times" list, capture, complained to the noble baby, on the spot JCP ranking from No.1 off to page sixth. read more

can rest a bit easier, because from this website "diagnosis and optimization proposals" can be seen in my website overall situation, some problems even the day against his people are not aware of, but it was the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team written on this website "the diagnosis and optimization proposals", at that time I felt a bit ashamed, his understanding of the site is not as outsiders a few people understand this, let me say, but the fact is, I have to admit. Although mentioned inside we basically know it well, but the real site really is less and less, these seemingly small problems, but seriously affect the ranking of the site to flow. Take the following site outside the chain chain for the emperor, it is almost every webmaster every day talking about the importance of the chain, and some owners do not know, but the real chain do not. read more

which is consistent with the love of Shanghai week update rule. Is the love of Shanghai is updated weekly.

love Shanghai data analysis data were modeled to provide website monitoring station house official analysis, observation data and some of the best Shanghai Longfeng webmaster tools and software combined with excellent WordNet site collection, accompanied by his twenty several sites as a reference for comprehensive analysis, based on the principle of statistical analysis, with a large number of site observation the data speak, avoid to the point almost face, random monitoring data of nearly more than 60000 sites, in order to objective analysis. read more

August: his website "bolanbujing lasted more than a month’s time, has been stable during the update, not have the slightest neglect, website that I have this immutable and frozen, has always insisted on. If the website is also heard during the false words can love Shanghai appeal, I hope will not miss a bit, so I have to appeal to love Shanghai but no treatment seems their website is indeed some of the drawbacks of the ah, so in the content of the website and the weight of their own honest efforts. In late August the site was finally some changes, but the snapshot is not updated to the latest update, but I was very happy because the website finally had some changes. The snapshot is updated, the soft is also included, but did not change the rankings do well. When I accidentally in August when low query website top-level domain found the top-level domain name of the web site keywords ranking has some data and the site is increased relative to the two level domain name. At that time thought is 301 redirection, went on a 301 redirect in late August, this bit of heart is full of confidence, because the site during this period of data is still considerable, but is not what ranking changes, but I still adhere to the original, as in the past, the chain, the weight of multi face. Do not work. read more

seems that this update is only for promotion, and several other ads are registered, not just shlf1314’s own referrals.

shlf1314’s other advertising is not too much, I hope there will be more advertising for you to choose.

‘s survival is to cultivate the habit of diligence jews. In Jewish families, Jewish parents pay great attention to the cultivation of their children’s diligence. The Jews believed that the creator always gave him the highest honor and reward for the industrious, and that the lazy man would not give them any gifts. But the Jews also agree with the teachings in the book: "it’s not enough to just know how to keep on working."." Many successful Jews have a different understanding of the elements of success than our average people. We may wish to discuss their interpretation, from the following once might have been as the topic of our common sense, they are often we think is a person’s success as well as our own than their place. To see how they can leverage the leverage of our everyday, visible, and common patterns of behavior, and thus achieve an achievement that transcends individual competence. In childhood, whether parents or teachers, for those of us learning achievement is not so satisfactory to their children or students, often give such a warning, but also can be said to be a kind of encouragement: Qinnengbuzhuo Benniao, you can fly! As long as more diligent, you will not be worse than others. After entering society, this belief has become a motto of our life and work, we must be diligent assiduous, can not, can have success! However, shrewd Jews have found that in many cases, although we also have considerable ability, and are willing to pay a maximum effort, but not necessarily to find their way, therefore, often makes you have feeling underappreciated, efforts should also may become a dream, the unemployed have this experience. Even if you have a chance to have a go, may often be counterproductive, even let you down. read more


to replace the site title is very important, not only the ranking will decline, may have been not updated snapshot. So replace the site title reset is a very dangerous practice, not to cannot but we must not easily try.

to modify the site title and new or old station is not the same place, the new change may slow down or you are right in the feathers, for the old station it will not be too big, as long as you "fine-tuning" reasonable, may also contribute to your site’s ranking read more

analysis time, found inside the website keyword and description are repeated billion light this time. And then there are several H2 tags, H2 tags inside the content is a snapshot of the title "love Shanghai, contact billion billion light on light, love Shanghai directly to the 2 H2 when the title of the search results. The judgment of a noble baby smart, he is according to the description appears inside the company name and your home company appears inside the company name to judge, and then directly with the company name to appear in his search results, rather than your original title. read more

3. love Shanghai, search and inquiry platform;

so, how to dig the long tail keywords? Have what tools can be directly extracted? Shanghai Longfeng a fiend in human shape to tell you that this is true.

what is the long tail keywords

2. search engine;

mostly just contact Shanghai Longfeng novice for long tail keywords master is not very skilled, often long tail keywords is the most easy to be ignored by Er novice Shanghai dragon. How to excavate the long tail keywords and the use of long tail keywords ranking, so as to improve the site conversion rate? Today Shanghai dragon a fiend in human shape for everyone to explain explain Shanghai dragon Er novice how to excavate the long tail keywords, improve the conversion rate. Shanghai Longfeng hope to help novice. read more

from the 360 search turned out time for almost a month, when you want to search 360 had just pushed and now compared with addict double day to describe a little too much. When the 360 search just came out, then second days of overwhelming news is 360 search in one fell swoop beat Google, Sogou, soso, and then with the flow of huge traffic and steep 360 browser installed capacity and powerful navigation 360 rose to 10%, litres for Chinese second major search engines such as praise by crown in 360 the search on the head, believe the reason we are optimistic about the old week, because some of his special means can often get some surprisingly different effect. 3Q had the opportunity to host, now we also think with this so-called 300 World War ii. 360 search can also host, but probably most are watching. First I don’t think that today I am not from other places to analyze the reasons, from 360 yourself, the function of his own achievements of their own, also beat myself. read more

today, with the rapid development of Internet technology, many enterprises have conducted online network marketing, from the Internet to seek more partners and target users, since it is to do network marketing, we will need to have their own network marketing platform, is the site, but only the site no one comes is not enough, the key is we will bring a lot of traffic to the site, when it comes to web site traffic that cannot do without the website ranking optimization, our common enterprise website general image type, the type of news or mall, this is the three common ways to general business station, here I come to focus on some optimization methods of these three types of websites the. read more

according to the second characteristics of the description, we can also understand that the original literature website.

literature site can also be called the novel station, this kind of website user group is a group of fiction lovers or fiction writers, this kind of website also has its own unique characteristics, we should also learn from the perspective of the characteristics, find out a set of best novel optimization station case.

? !


second: the original is very difficult. Almost all the content of the website of literature website is collected, because almost no stationmaster can personally write a novel as original content website, after all, not every webmaster is a writer, and don’t have the energy. read more

1. site was K, must calm down, carefully check by K, the "disease" drug, avoid styled, caused by many reasons such as K, keyword, purchase link, the server is not stable, the website was hacked, the record belongs to the reason to stop parsing. Only to find the reasons, then we can implement the optimization scheme.

want to fall in love with the pack inside from sea rescue, we must first understand what Shanghai needs love – of course is fresh, high quality of the original article. So that at least close to the original article. Here are three points can improve the degree of the original. read more

, do first to analyze competitors before

We look at the "

to do the first look at the site of the station optimization layout is reasonable, whether in favor of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, some stations do look good, Flash a lot, a lot of navigation is jump with the JS script, but the station is summed up "a pillow with an embroidered case useless" flash! Web site too much, one is the influence of open the web page open speed, slow speed, also means that the user experience can not enhance the JS script to call too much is not conducive to love the Shanghai engine crawling, so the website program to do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization point, or in what to do, it is useless for read more