site structure should be concise and clear,

answer: don’t let your user enters your site to be at a loss because of the intricacies of the. In a sense, Baidu’s Spider is also a relatively special visitor. Each subdomain name, each directory, is best provided with a distinct content compartment to avoid different subdomain or directory pairs of the same content for each other.

creates your own unique content,

answer: Baidu prefers unique original content. So, if your site content is collected and copied from all over, it probably won’t be included in Baidu. read more

there is a sentence, we are very familiar with: there are policies, there are countermeasures. In the face of the rules and regulations of the higher authorities, this notice of the Ordinance, the lower level, always come up with corresponding solutions. In the face of these, I often think, this is superior regulation is not good enough, or the lower levels of rebellious psychology is too strong,


station network reported in May 13th a "SARFT ban embarrassed: website loophole users do not buy" article, I saw a smile, smile more than a little emotion. SARFT issued the regulations for the protection of the copyright of the works, or for the majority of Internet users friends and love? A "on the strengthening of Internet audio and video content management notice" issued, if SARFT will make a fuss, rectify the undocumented video network station; but then, in smooth water, unlicensed video website After rain the sky looks blue.. As usual, users watch video programs. read more

has spent almost every day in the A5 quiz area, and, of course, a lot of questions. But in answer, encountered a very common problem, such as "my website ranking drop, how should I do?" "why my website is not included?" "why my website has no good rankings?". These problems are more novice webmaster questions, a simple description of the problem, to do a detailed answer, assuming things too much, if a few words to answer, will be mistaken for brush posts, here, specially to talk about these issues as well as my SEO experience. read more

first let my friends see what I did, and what I have done is wrong. Help me to analyze it. I will list my website work


1, the site submitted to the search engine, in the Internet to see many webmaster will do so, that is, the site has the maximum exposure probability; I did, also been included, but did not bring traffic

2, because the early site is not ready, start messing around, and do stand level made a version of the automatic acquisition, collected thousands of articles about the network information of the article, this website content rich a lot, you can look at the http://s. read more

good memory as bad pen ", this sentence has been memorized words in the end who can understand the meaning? Now this society does not lack of thinking people, and often thinking person lack is a necessary factor — successful execution so as a webmaster! How can we improve myself as" executive ability "


1. make sure you love the industry,

knows how to do a job and loves a party, but many people can’t do it. We all know that in our work we find that most of the work is boring. We all know that if we play games and work a day a day in our own heart is different! The game feel one day’s time, and the work has feeling! I don’t know whether most people are feeling like this. It means you have not really put to work, also disguised that you don’t love your work! Only the music can work into fun play to their talents, dedication, some people will say the work is completely mechanical, not what attraction, let how do I love your work? read more

I hope you will see that this approach is absolutely feasible, and it works, and now the outdated brothers test has been successful. Don’t talk nonsense, get to the point.

how to do a no flow station to do 5000 IP, in fact, very simple, the key is that you do not have the brain to think about. I want to write out, if you are interested in doing it, then do as I say, basically can achieve 5000 IP, if you can, I have what requirements, there is interest in support of my alliance, not interested in not demanding. read more

O2O tide, the foreign Uber model is constantly mentioned in domestic media and entrepreneurs, and another in the field of O2O has done quite well, even in the year after the listing, the market value is close to $3 billion, but less into the entrepreneur’s vision. In a recent home hungry takeaway ordering service and a group takeaway slobber war background, we propose I horse America’s largest food distribution network GrubHub, in-depth analysis of the market capitalization listed on the first day soared 35%, now $2 billion 800 million platform is how to make? < / p> read more

Internet is no way to earn money for confidentiality, characteristics of Chinese is in follow suit, that is to follow the trend of serious. Some time ago, the lottery industry on the Internet hot, we have joined the industry, what Taobao lottery, NetEase lottery and so on are vying for this piece of fat. This period of time, the network loan is also a complete fire, and this does not even Baidu can not help but divide the cake. Such a situation shows that no matter which industry, the competitiveness is very large. In this competition, build brand has become a target for all. How to build their own brands, details are very important, practices and methods are very similar circumstances, who can win in detail, who is successful, this is the old saying, "details determine success or failure."." Of course, the details here determine success or failure, not just attention to detail. Take me to do this Xiaofeng lottery software industry, attention to detail is the premise in the competition, Xiaofeng lottery in every aspect of our are very well, so we need to succeed on the details. read more

in the IT field, with more positive meanings of paranoia. Intel founder Andy · grove that "only the paranoid survive" saying, let a lot of people with paranoia itself, the difference is only the different word: Ren Zhengfei of HUAWEI communications is paranoia, Robin Li’s search technology paranoia, Ma Huateng is a product development manager in paranoia. In the IT industry, paranoia, persistence, persistence, and concentration are synonymous with success.

Li Mingshun recently saw Comsenz Jinshan and 360 between the slobber war, issued a sigh: not entrepreneurship and work, what is the "concentrated thoughts and even offend people" or the "micro-blog, Friendliness is conducive to business success.? Once again he cited the famous mr.. Around Zhou Hongyi paranoid survive, discuss in the scarf is quite warm, it seems that this moment will not stop at one thirty slobber war. read more

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the integration of Internet marketing has become a general trend, with the emergence of a new concept of network marketing, network marketing training has become a new hot industry. In particular, the explosive growth of mobile Internet and the arrival of big data era, but also to the original fiery network marketing training industry added a fire. However, the author through the observation of the industry calmly, it is not difficult to find that there are still many unhealthy problems, and even from some point of view can be said to be astray, read more

operation is the key to the continuous growth of the site. Only the detailed and unique planning and implementation of the content of the website, coupled with the necessary operations, can the website be in an invincible position in the competition.

1. Quickly enrich content for new sites,

two, to avoid copying the practical content of anti-theft method

three, content integration, production site map,

More than

content details can be found in the "Internet business success" (four): website content management and operation "reading.". read more

– mesh, look at IT’s computer learning network,

winter of 2000 is a cold winter. Because the Internet is coming with the winter of my personal career. The first round of Internet traffic was blown off and snobbish traders fled. In the winter, my personal website "computer learning network" was born, then the computer learning network is also full of static pages, pure Handmade, no independent domain name, to provide free hanging in the Sohu and personal level 3 domain. When the Internet was clueless, "learning computer network" to "one hundred thousand why" the title of the FAQ questions and answers in the form of creative got good feedback: "computer learning network" in the Sohu website ranking of the "computer network" in the classification, ranking has been on the rise, then into ninth. At this point, the site toll rings, Sohu’s personal website free space canceled. read more

is a pseudo original, meaning very simple words, although more or less with a bit of moral shackles, but not what other ambitions, or for the purpose of feeding spiders after all, only this. Here to share in the pseudo original several steps, apply Hunan satellite TV happy girl’s slogan is: want to pseudo false, to pseudo wonderful.

the first step, read through

reading is very important, but many people neglect the pseudo original, they tend to believe that they know the original meaning, can directly write, problems can "move", so in the pseudo original before read the original, a complete waste of time. But this does not seem to be the case. Instead of "copying the author’s article", we do the pseudo original, but instead interpret the author’s language in another way". But the word itself is rich in content, except "meaning" itself, as well as the use of words, structure and style, and many other aspects. Such as the use of words, the original author often may use some pun, polysemy, express different meanings in different occasions, people should try to find the pseudo original "corresponding" pun, polysemy, this is a chore, so this needs to thinkbig and know the words in the source language in which all occasions. Said what meaning, just good choice; for example the original structure, it is likely that in the context of allusion / story, sometimes even across several chapters, if not read the original, it is easy to lose the original logical structure; so is the original style, is a pseudo, cannot become heavy; the original is serious. Cannot become insipid pseudo. Of course, reading only provides the opportunity to observe and identify other aspects of "beyond meaning", and does not guarantee that false originality can "accurately" grasp these aspects. But it is impossible to grasp it without reading it. If you want to improve your reading efficiency, you can refer to Mr. Hao Mingyi’s translation of how to read a book. read more

my station (Nanning website optimization) just a few days before hanging up, now Baidu and Google are included! But now the ranking is not very satisfactory, how to do? Oh, I started a little depressed, I see that few competitors! For me the biggest rival Baidu is ranked in the top two similar sites. Well, that’s the two of them. Let’s go and analyze it,

tell you what we are doing before SEO, the analysis is crucial, including the selection of data analysis, keyword analysis, competitive environment analysis, user experience analysis, today stresses on the analysis of the competitive environment, I will not specifically say which website, oh ~ ~ ~ please forgive, I don’t want to all enemies. (knowing than to stand here is not dangerous, get some experience, summed up a practice in the late last night you can add me. read more

99 Shandong

Automotive Network officially launched in July 2nd, now has a whole week. Originally thought to be a website editor is a very easy thing, at least a very simple thing, and now found that this is not the case. There’s a lot of learning in it. I get up at about 5 every morning, get up, drink a cup of boiled water, turn on the computer, it is exactly 5 a quarter. Usually I look at the information about the major car websites, select articles that I like, or articles that are more popular. Generally reprinted about twenty to thirty articles, probably need more than an hour, so, almost six forty-five or so, I will speed up their work in the morning. Go to bed for half an hour, get up at 7 and get ready for work. read more

, citing an authorized local agent from Google, China, has received news that Google will leave China on April 10th. However, Google has yet to comment on the top executive.

If Google

Monday announced its withdrawal from the China, and formally evacuated China market in April 10th, then Google China will have 3 weeks to deal with him in the Chinese legacy issues, including rights, advertising agents and business clients China employee economic compensation, rehabilitation work etc.. Since a large number of websites have AdSense launched with Google, Google may still need to retain some of its manpower to deal with these subsequent issues. read more

a good website has a good space first, which is one of the key issues that you need to decide on many issues. Now, there are a lot of hosts, some are famous, and many are rubbish. Choosing a good host will save you a lot of problems, but if you come across a garbage broker, it’s a nightmare.

then, if you choose a good space,


you can use the following point of view as a reference for choosing a good host:

1. online time guarantee: select online rate of more than 99.9%, in fact, no company can guarantee 100% of the online rate, but at least in more than 99.5%. read more

yesterday and the friend inadvertently talked about the thunderbolt, download software, friends do not know what is the user experience, do not understand the UE design of this term, but we all agreed about the thunder in a problem on the user experience.

is the case, friends say, he want to download a 20 episode TV series, because you want to download a few sets, so when you select the file download task to select only 10 sets, downloading 10 sets, download task is completed, a friend wanted to download the rest, so in the re open the download seeds, just choose the remaining 10 sets, you have a problem, the thunder tip: you download task already exists, re download will delete the original. read more

will spend money to make money? So you will spend money? Can you make the most of your money? How to spend the most happiness? May wish to follow Xiaobian together, together with the search, looking for money to spend a small coup, looking for a good way to spend money, so you better spend money!

We all cried

read more