if you want to open a restaurant, you have to know some skills, restaurant raw materials procurement is also very important in this regard, the procurement of high-quality low-cost ingredients, to maximize profit. Want to open a restaurant and a better profit, in the raw material procurement will have to learn more!

Shrimp, fish and other aquatic products: frozen read more

since 2015, all over the country are actively preparing and planning new investment show, at the same time that some merchants exhibition can also accelerate the development of some economy driven by the local smooth, Tangshan recently on some actively promote World Horticultural Exposition’s preparatory work, the purpose is to accelerate the pace of investment.

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the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region lacks a lot of resources, but in innovation and entrepreneurship, management policies need for more people, in order to keep up with the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region policy continued to relay, give confidence to the science and technology correspondent entrepreneurship.

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now, with the development of the times and the change of people’s consumption concept, beauty is no longer a patent for women, more men also began to pursue beauty, men’s content market began to become hot. How to do a good job? The following points should be noted!

1, store to highlight their own characteristics.

2, service object positioning.

3, the service should embody specialization.

4, the use of membership management model.

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in the current such a business society, some people succeed in business, naturally there will be some business failure. Failure is not terrible, as long as the reasons for the existence of targeted solutions, so that business will have a hot day. So, what are the reasons for the failure of ice cream stores?

The development of

economy, the improvement of people’s living standard, the ice cream franchise came into being, and in a good society under this background, a lot of ice cream stores not only the good and rapid development, but the business failed, this is a lot of ice cream stores very distressing thing. This is what causes it? read more

go out shopping, a lot of people will be put on a decent clothes, but if you go to a shop owner, found wearing a scruffy, probably will lose the attraction to customers to shop, business is good, naturally more difficult. In fact, in addition to the customer from the store appearance, internal furnishings to get the impression of perception, the store owner (clerk) is also a factor in customer perception.

the quality of the owner or the clerk determines the customer’s impression of the store. The owner or the clerk talk decent, dignified and elegant, will give the customer a good impression, so that customers have a sense of intimacy and trust in the shop. Some retail businesses pay attention to their own language, can do the service with a smile, warm service, the customer into the store, can say "Welcome" to the customer, the customer can leave, say "thank you for the customer". However, there are many retail businesses on their dress is not how attention, some retail businesses dressed casually, especially in the summer, hot weather, some businesses in small, easy to the customer left a very bad impression. read more

catering industry, there is a big brand that we can easily ignore, that is, hotel catering. An important force in the catering industry in the hotel and catering industry also, such as such well-known brands in the country is very influential, as competition intensifies, the hotel and catering industry is not good, so the catering industry how to operate their own brand


hotel catering business four step

1, know their business characteristics

According to

industry data, now the hotel is not good, the Samsung and four-star hotel, the main problem is not the restaurant for their customers demand, have formed its own characteristics, taste and service are very general, restaurant meals and also into the general restaurant delicious, not featured in the business process. Lost their source! So to determine the good characteristics, know their characteristics is very important. read more

many people will have such a problem: the work is not good to say bad not bad, want to earn extra money and do not want to delay their work, this time should be how to choose? In fact, this is a good solution to the problem, to find a free money to do a good job!

freelance writer, pen Gold: to do this successful writer, the following conditions are significant: 1) on the media articles required to have a certain grasp, and some of the best newspaper editors to establish good relations of cooperation; 2) to master certain skills. read more

now people like online shopping, open Taobao shop is also a way of entrepreneurship. However, the shop is not easy, the purchase is a big problem. Open a Taobao shop, how to purchase, is the key to success! How to open Taobao store? How can we find a cheap source of goods? This is for you to answer.

1. wholesale goods;

must run more regional wholesale market, such as Beijing, Xizhimen, Xiushui Street, Hongqiao, Shanghai, Xiangyang Road, Town God’s Temple, not only familiar with the market, also can get very cheap wholesale prices. read more

Home Furnishing intelligent agent shop more and more attention, the development prospects of open a shop that is worth looking forward to, if you had no business experience that may need to learn more, small finishing some relevant suggestions, hope to enlighten you.

intelligent agent Home Furnishing, the purpose is money, so just rely on products to attract customers is now selling skills, we adapt to the market, but also to follow the pace of the times, to better service content to get the reasonable profit. Then the profits and then converted into investment funds, so that the use of recycling, to be able to shop from the lowest level into the most advanced". read more

chose to start a business related to the shop, naturally need to take into account the issue of profit. After all, the reason why many people will choose venture capital, are directed at its profit and go. So, open the restaurant to understand the question of profit?

it was said that the future of food and beverage enterprises are linked to the operation, but the development of a chain from a store, is not a simple thing. Profit from where? What will affect the restaurant profit? What elements should be copied in a restaurant? These do not understand, it is difficult to achieve expansion restaurant. read more

now choose to embark on the road to stall the investor is very much, although you can make money. However, the business is good and bad booth profits are vastly different. For any investor, it is natural that business is better, but this is a skill. Here, the small series to introduce a good business skills for a good three.

first of all: your booth must be

this is the most important, everyone has curiosity, China since ancient times has said that the herd effect, like to go to many places to run, if your booth no one, maybe a lot of people don’t want to see. How to do when there is no one, call on some friends to stroll. read more

for any retail store, shelves should not be a tool. However, the shop area is limited, if the shelf utilization can not be higher, which will be very detrimental to the operation of the store. In a word, as a common retailer, actually most of them will encounter such a problem, that is "the business of retail store or supermarket shelf space is limited, not much, how can we maximize the full display of goods shelves, enhance the selling points to attract the attention of customers,?" In fact, this has become a problem plagued some retail hearts. read more

The meaning of

wedding special, every detail has been the people’s attention, for bedding will naturally attach great importance to. Moreover, the choice of new bedding, not only to the pursuit of fashion, the most important thing is the quality of the product, it is necessary to choose the right brand. So marriage bedding which brand suitable, will be relatively good? Here’s a look at the contents of the article to bring you ten wedding bedding brand list.

married ten bedding brand rankings: Carolina read more

as an entrepreneur, you need to focus on the latest industry trends, the most timely information. According to statistics released by the fifth national census, China’s total of 0 – to 3 year old infants and young children of a total of 70 million, of which the city is about 10 million 900 thousand, each year about 17 million 500 thousand births.

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open restaurant franchise, it is necessary to purchase food ingredients. For the procurement staff, how to find a better and more favorable ingredients is the main work. But most of the time, some of the bad purchasing staff will choose improper way to eat kickbacks, how to prevent this phenomenon? Let’s take a look at the analysis.

we all know that the procurement is the conscience of life, so the quality and quality of the procurement staff has become the first choice. The buyer’s choice should be based on the personal quality of the buyer as the main object of study. The purchaser of the knowledge and experience and quality than it is secondary, to choose the kind of upright, not petty temptation, must be well educated. Because the temptation faced by procurement personnel can be imagined, whether it is money or purchase orders are essentially the same, many suppliers will find ways to pull relations with the procurement staff, rebates or red envelopes is still a must. This requires the Chinese procurement personnel "conscience" service, face the temptation of money must have a common heart, the gentleman’s love of money in a proper way, who seeks never served as the procurement of harm to the people himself, post. read more