ten years ago, Amazon with a book to sell gradually into people’s sight, and the rapid expansion of the core business of Internet e-commerce. From the longest river to the shortest domain name, now, the electricity supplier ten years trend of the domestic achievements of this "bookstore", but also ushered in a lot of thinking, what more discussion is not "still scenery" or "wushirenfei".

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August 19th was held in Shanghai to enter the 10 year celebration Chinese, Amazon’s senior vice president Diego Piacentini said: "China has a double meaning of the Amazon, not only to do their thinking to introduce Internet e-commerce abroad. We must continue to push China’s creative world." read more

recently, Wangfujing (22.80, -0.27, -1.17%) department store announced its independent online shopping mall trial operation.

at least in the country, the department stores and online shopping malls to do business success is rare. Parkson network, both in the spring Seth had social impact, or in the actual sales, have failed to find out the doorway.

we’re ready


is working, although in Beijing the cold of winter, Wangfujing Street still pedestrians. In the nearly sixty years of history has been praised as "the new Wangfujing department store China first shop", Liu Chunji and her team are operating a day in and day out Wangfujing mall. read more