a lot of the name of the original single goods sales big banner shops have recently commodity property from the "new" to "second-hand", but in various colors and sizes, but stressed the new commodity commodity description.

part of the seller to avoid "7 days no reason to return rule

in the increasingly stringent rules for the implementation of the release of goods after the Taobao, second-hand label has become part of the business to circumvent the new rules magic". read more


after a controversial "Taobao new rules" service, 34158 small sellers gathered on the channel YY voice channel has been closed, but the structure still exists, and vowed to rights in the end. In November 16th, according to the network rights channel 34158 on its official micro-blog news release said, they will go to the Taobao headquarters in Hangzhou on the same day, submit the appeal book, hoping to conduct face-to-face consultations with the management of Taobao, Taobao launched the rationality of relevant rules to discuss, and put forward their views and suggestions. With the spread of the development of the electricity supplier era, competition intensified and open is inevitable, the official Taobao and small sellers enmity has been entangled for years, the size of friction is common in newspapers, right and wrong in the end, it needs to be further clarified. read more

some time ago published several articles in the online promotion " Admin5; Wen Jiarui: shop operators to promote customer follow up " " temperature Jiarui: Taobao magazine online promotion cheats article " there are several shop owners, add my Q, I hope I can write several articles on the net store promotion methods and in fact, online promotion skills, it is important to persevere, but summary and analysis or section, I believe that your online business must be on the upgrade… The temperature today Jiarui and we talk about video marketing, video website is very hot now, of course, people in many places, nature is a good place for publicity, can never let go. read more

women have Chinese is the main force in the consumer market, in the face of "Match 8 Women’s Day", the major electricity supplier and the Department have played a variety of name and slogan to attract consumers. Reporter visited the market, Guangzhou department store to the depth of the price war, Ms. commodity promotion efforts to break through 62% off years, almost 75% off. The electricity supplier in addition to start the "butterfly Festival", "Peach Blossom Festival" theme of marketing, Taobao is taking advantage of the holiday marketing bigger, the women’s day into a mobile phone Taobao 3.8 life festival, and in cooperation with intime business, great city, new world, Hualian, Wangfujing, the country’s 5 largest retail group. Retail spending path open mobile phone, computer, line. As a woman around the line of new marketing has started the war. read more


Chinese Internet entrepreneurs in the business before you read this article, it is Yin born BAT (BAT) relations in an interview with Zhou Hongyi (the topic has been published in the Forbes Chinese version fifth issue), summary of his views on a series of problems of subversion, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the moving pattern of the Internet such as the Internet, generally represent him about how to start-up companies in the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) for experience looking for space, the survival and development of the world, including a large number of his personal experience. This article is authentic, according to Zhou Hongyi’s oral finishing. read more

1: how do agents come from, no registered chamber of Commerce has an agent

we all know that the first registrar is agent, agent is what to do with it, but not for a better development of domain name registrations, let everyone more up, but now a lot of black agents, we call the Registrar, the Registrar said that I had to because our rights are delegated to them. Oh, well then, I can give you a good analysis of the course registration, chamber of Commerce was not to hear, I say this in the first. read more

August 1st news today, fresh electricity supplier brand "fruit help" by WeChat public announced officially closed. Fruit to help online APP business to August 3rd 16:00.

As for the reasons for the collapse of

, according to its official micro signal revealed, underestimated the difficulty of the operation of the fresh industry. Over the past two years, we have tried every means to achieve profitability, and ammunition is always exhausted day."

according to the official introduction, fruit help founded in Shenzhen in 2014. It is a fruit of mobile Internet operators, to create "orchard" and "fruit straight home" fresh experience, solve the difficult problem of the office to eat fruit. read more

a number of sources to billion state power network confirmed that the Alibaba’s import business platform "Tmall" will soon be Tmall merger, in addition to the organizational structure change and personnel integration, change will also usher in a front page.

merge results: retain the original domain to enhance the search weight

According to

billion state power network to understand, Tmall international business still belongs to Alibaba B2C group cross-border division, the division under the jurisdiction of Tmall international, aliexpress and Taobao three overseas business, the current general manager Wu Qian (IL), directly to Ali COO Zhang Yong (Xiao Yao Zi). read more

recently, the electricity supplier is still very calm, in addition to le bee vip.com Beijing hastily seized, seems to see what it is worth mentioning that, but under the calm, or the surging tide of global purchase, Jingdong released in April 15th, blew into the cross-border battle horn, this is Liu Qiangdong recently released a major strategy after France, South Korea bank, cross-border electricity market, the last one is the field of ocean electric field. In this field, there is no one has an absolute advantage, even the advantages are difficult to talk about, from this point of view, the outcome of the cross-border electricity supplier in the field, it can be said that China’s electricity supplier is the last battle. read more

angel investors in the country, Cai Wensheng is a different one. Entrepreneurs do not need to background, returnees or large corporate executives and other background as an endorsement, but also stressed that the product and data speak. I believe the user and traffic must be realized, dare not before the business model. From the grassroots, preference for grassroots entrepreneurs, also believe that Chinese Internet "grass root who in the world".

held in the China Internet innovation and entrepreneurship competition held by Tencent open platform, as a business mentor Cai Wensheng to entrepreneurs put forward ten proposals. He said: the combination of traditional industries and mobile Internet market space is very large. Because the mobile Internet is now more than just fashion, but everyone needs to live." read more

Phoenix Science and technology news November 12th news, today morning pat Network announced the eleven part of the day of the data in the same time, the amount of the amount of the micro shop pat than the average daily growth of more than 300% in October, accounting for nearly 60% of the total station.

According to the

pat Network official data, pat net single amount of 150% more than last year eleven over the same period, pat pat micro shop order amount than the October average daily growth of more than 300%, accounting for nearly 40% of total station. read more

      now almost everyone wants to make money through AdSense, and put it as a quick and simple and feasible way to be happy is Wangzhuan, AdSense can make you rich. But a lot of people on the low price per click ads and distress (foreigners are also very upset ah! Leeron note). The original author operates a HTNET website, the author admits he did not on the site for AdSense optimization, of course, this is a cause of low income, but after several years of observation, the author puts forward 5 very enlightening suggestions. It is expected that the 5 proposals will also apply to the country, and that those who are struggling to find the theme of the site to find inspiration! read more

"brush drill" (source: Beijing Evening News)

"we charge 7800 yuan for a crown." "It’s too expensive, someone else has an offer of $3000." The brushing method is not the same as the prices of course is not the same, we hand one day brush not much, of course, easy software brush, a brush for two or three days, but who believe? He offer you expensive, actually worth 1000……"

this is the reporter pretending to shop owner with a brush drill company "dialogue. Often online shopping, people know that the crown is the highest level of Taobao credit, 10 thousand praise in order to get a crown logo, it is not easy, diamond class (the top 250) sellers have been very proud of. But now, the "crown" is the price tag pedding, and continues to drop the discount itself seems to be a satire — in the continuous depreciation of credit. Many buyers in doubt, and now the shop also credit it? read more

whether it is a handsome high ponytail or elegant strapless dress, or "outside the pavilion, road side, beautiful red carpet into the film" graduation…… In a word, summer is really coming. To make efficient and quick you live comfortably in the summer, nature cannot do without the new Lenovo print to accompany.

Lenovo Chan is the industry’s first Internet printer, since the products began to sell in the Jingdong, user acclaim, sales of superb reputation, become young people preferred. From June 18th to June 30th, Lenovo print in Jingdong opened the "quality Carnival" promotion, all activities during the Jingdong to buy Lenovo proprietary printing products users can enjoy the specific evaluation with a E card, free on-site installation and other concessions. read more

[TechWeb] reported on December 9th, according to foreign media reports, YAHOO may give up the acquisition of Hulu, instead of Alibaba acquisition Hulu. After the acquisition together with Hulu plus $10 billion in cash to redeem YAHOO shares in Alibaba.

YAHOO recently in strategic adjustment. Because Asia is far from the United States, this part of the value can not resonate with the strategic value of the United States, so YAHOO intends to sell assets in asia.

currently, YAHOO holds 40% shares of the Alibaba, if the $14 billion deal directly, will deliver a huge tax. read more

this season, fresh fruit is essential to our daily lives. Buy fresh fruit, there are a variety of channels, in this, we mainly from the online and offline down:

is the first to talk about online purchase of fruit, and online fruit merchants, it is fresh electricity supplier. Recently, media reports said: the "energy-saving" litchi season, however, in this era of fresh electricity now, everyone is "Yang Guifei".

litchi preservation requirements are very high, is regarded as the best representative of the fresh electricity supplier industry, the speed of life and death. read more

controversial cross-border electricity supplier import deal, after nearly a month of operation, may be adjusted again.

sources said surging news, recently, the general office of the State Council stakeholders will lead a research group, rushed to the part of cross-border bonded import pilot city, the impact of new research, listen to the relevant enterprises and local feedback and advice for the new deal.

another source told the surging news, in-depth understanding of the impact of tax reform on local new cross-border import business, the Ministry of Commerce recently planned to go to Zhengzhou to carry out special investigations, invite local enterprises and government departments held a forum. read more


technology news January 13th afternoon news, today announced the League Rookie, and logistics partners in the Spring Festival is not closing to continue to provide logistics services to consumers. Rookie network forecast, nearly 300 thousand couriers will abandon the New Year holiday, fighting in the workplace.


platform at the end of Ali launched the "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival and the Spring Festival is not closing" promotion. From January 8th onwards, Xinyi, Vientiane, goodaymart, rookie logistics partner alliance has been put into "logistics war special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival". Guangzhou, Jinhua, Shanghai to become the "special purchases for the Spring Festival shipments largest city festival". Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen is receiving the maximum amount of special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival city. read more

in July last year, the magic man mobile phone officially launched, with the WeChat circle of friends viral overnight explosion of red, who won the single day peak of 3 million 250 thousand new users, new users over 4 million, 7 month break million records. And no shortage of red burst behind many of the bad mouthing, that magic diffuse camera is also at most a just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, "dead overnight in an application.

recently, however, a magic diffuse camera the latest data fell on mouthing those who face, on-line from July 2013 to the end of June this year, just one year’s time the magic diffuse camera is the total number of users has exceeded 160 million, overseas accounted for 6. Not like those who say bad mouthing died as a fire, but the number of users from first to last magic diffuse camera in the steady growth in the overseas made proud achievements proved more enduring vitality magic diffuse camera. read more

[global technology Roundup] according to foreign media reported on January 7th, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said that the 2014 Alibaba have made remarkable achievements in 2015 makes it will face greater risk, and the future task will be very difficult.

data figure

Ma Yun said Alibaba successfully landed on the NYSE in 2014, and a huge success in the Chinese market, which will make the company face greater pressure.

the middle school English teacher turned businessman said in an interview on CCTV, the Alibaba is now in the deep water area, because both companies involved in any industry, will encounter great obstacles from "vested interest groups". Ma Yun said, in the past, no one is optimistic about us, but we know we want than we imagine a lot of good, in contrast, now people think we are equal to anything, think what we do can be successful, it is very dangerous for us. read more